What’s The Right Construction Card For You?

When you work in the construction industry you will find it is important to undertake a lot of training in various areas. Many construction firms now demand that you hold certain cards and forms of ID before they even allow you on to the site now, which can mean you will need to get yourself the right training immediately before you even start working. Before I was hired I put myself through a couple of courses and I obtained a card which would show I could handle my type of work on site and had received some basic health and safety training.

There are loads of cards to choose from, so it’s important to get the right one depending on your level of skill and experience.  If you’re just starting out you may also need to have registered for an NVQ course.  It can be a long process sorting all of this out and finding an employer willing to take you on as you train, but it’s really worth it.  If you go and get some of the ID cards and certificates it shows you are serious and can help you to get the job over others. Let’s face it the job market is severe right now so the more you have to support your CV the better.
Types of Construction Skills Certification Scheme CardsThe Construction Skills Certification Scheme Cards are a must for anyone entering a site.  There are many employees who demand you have these cards. There are lots to choose from and it’s important to keep them updated to show your current level and area of expertise.  The cards are identified by their separate colours:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • White/yellow
  • White grey

There are different types of tests to sit for each one of the cards, and some have different degrees of levels within the colours, with red having the most.  These levels are split into:

  • Trainee
  • Graduate
  • Experiences Technical also for supervisors and managers
  • Experienced workers

One of the areas focused on is health and safety. This is because health and safety in the construction industry is necessary due to the high levels of extreme risks faced day in and day out on site. Most of the cards demand that the candidate sites a construction skills health safety and environment test, but you can train towards this so it’s not too much of an advanced step if you are new to the industry.
There are plenty of revision materials available to help you learn at home. I found some great DVDs and books which were certainly useful as I progressed through the cards.  I started out as a trainee and now I hold the supervisor card as my responsibilities have changed over the years.  You can also find a lot of support directly from your training provider so make good use of it.
The good news is these cards are really affordable so even if you’re not currently in work it’s possible to afford them.  This will really benefit you in getting a start in this brilliant industry which gives you the chance of really improving your career prospects, and can help you to become self-employed and an employer. If you are trying to gain new employment always ensure you have the CV to suit your experience and which includes all of your relevant training.  Even if you have no qualifications make sure you express your desire to start training, especially if you have a specific career plan and you can find the right firm who will be willing to help support you through your training.
Find a training provider who will give you the training materials as well as the CSCS tests.  You can then begin working through the cards as your career grows.