When Did Geek Become So Chic?

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a heck of a lot more geeks in the world than in recent years? I remember a time when reading a comic book or graphic novel was confined strictly to the bedroom, web forums were for losers and prescription glasses were an immediate target for the school bullies.
While the rules of the playground haven’t changed that much (admitting to being a closet Trekkie is still a decision I deeply regret), as adults it seems the social hierarchy has changed: geeky is good.
IT geeks are celebrated like Gods in popular culture, and we seem to be clamouring at the wardrobes of our grandparents in a bid to dress like sensible computer programmers from the 1980s. Don’t believe me? Read on…

Image by: Krystian Olszanski

Getting Graphic
In recent years Hollywood superstars have queued up to play the heroes and villains that were once only under the ownership of spotty teenage boys. Comics are cool. They inspire films, fashion and even guides to going gluten-free. The trend is set to continue as The Amazing Spider-Man, staring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, hits cinemas on the 3rd of July 2012, with the final instalment of Christian Bale’s Batman, The Dark Knight Rises, not far behind.
Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again?
There was a time when working in IT outsourcing  or IT support was considered a one-way ticket to loserville, but IT and technology industries are booming and have a great rep thanks to the likes of hip, trendy and loaded IT geeks like Facebook founder,  Mark Zuckaberg and Pete Chasmore, creator of news website, Mashable.
A job involving the words ‘digital’, ‘technology’ or ‘mobile application engineer’ has never sounded so sexy.
The Granny, the Glasses and the Wardrobe
These days, fashion followers are just as likely to say that they found their outfit lurking in the back of their grandma’s wardrobe than in a designer store.
Brown woollen cardigans, thick, black-rimmed specs and sensible shoes are all covetable items these days, as are the ultimate geek accessory – childhood t-shirts. Faded Snoopy, Storm Troopers and The Goonies t-shirts look, like, totally rad, when paired with the aforementioned brown cardigan.
Bonus points if you actually watched/listened/liked any of the cartoon characters and rock bands you are wearing proudly on your chest.
James Duval spends his days working in the dazzling world of IT, but when he has a spare minute, he finds time to blog for ARCit Solutions, fight crime on his Xbox, and tweet about life, the universe and Call of Duty.