When Even The Salon Needs A Makeover

When was the last time you updated all aspects of your salon business? If you’ve been cheap and only thrown in small improvements over the last ten years, you’re really selling yourself short and risking being edged out by the competition. And competition there is. The salon industry is teeming with hot talent—ladies and gents with great personality, up to speed with all the latest trends and salon services. So much has changed in the hair biz since the 1950s, so if you’re stuck using crusted hair rollers, heavy salon drawers, bulky salon chairs, and cruddy decorative motifs, you’d be doing yourself and your livelihood a huge favor if you did a major overhaul of everything within your four walls.

Image by Travel Salem

Change The Floor

For starters, you might want to switch up the flooring in your salon. There’s a major difference between cheap linoleum and classy, attractive wooden floors or modern tile work. Try this on for size and already see the transformation at work. Also play with the ceiling options. Loose leaf ceiling panels are ugly and cheap and really best saved for a boring accountant’s office. Play around with the fun and funky idea of corrugated metal, brightly colored drywall, or draped ceiling fabric. You can create so much atmosphere just by accentuating the ceiling. Light fixtures that match the ceiling style or color could be key here as well. Do some research and decide on a luxurious theme, then run with that idea. You could try shabby chic chandeliers, or funky old-fashioned chandeliers repurposed and spray-painted glittery black. Or you could go ultra modern and minimalistic with some bare bulbs or drop lights made of artisan glassblown shades. You can have so much fun with this alone!

What To Focu On Next

Next, focus on the accesorizing of the waiting area and receptionist’s counter. Hang art by local artists on the wall, or cover a wall with funky, monochromatic picture frames to starky contrast with the wall color. Maybe go with a high-end crystal-and-bamboo look, bringing in a Zen garden touch. Fill clear glass thrift store vases with clear glass marbles from the 99 Cents Store, then “plant” it with either real bamboo shoots or tall, dry decorative grass that you can find at the craft store—or maybe outdoors in your neighborhood! Keep at this theme with glittery Buddha statuettes from places like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, or Ross and you’ve already partially created an Eastern-inspired oasis in your salon.
Now for updating your equipment. When considering equipment for salons, think pedicure bath chairs, cabinets that can be wheeled between stations, chic yet comfortable hair salon styling chairs, massage tables, and classy vanities. You’re already on your way to a total salon makeover!
Eric Blair writes about wholesale salon equipment and other furniture that helps salon owners make their customers return more often.