When should you take help from an employment lawyer?

The corporate sector offers several opportunities to the people so that they can earn their living and live a respectable life. Apart from just offering the job, it is the duty of the employers to take care of the safety of the employees and make sure that there are no grievances. The industries involved in heavy duty work should offer a safe working environment to the employees and the employees should also be provided with safety training from time to time in order to make sure that they are familiar with the technology and carry out their work safely.

However, there are often times when employees face trouble and the management ignores them and does not a proper solution to the problem. If the employees put pressure, they are also dismissed with immediate effect. In such cases, you can also seek help from employment lawyer who will make sure that your rights are preserved. Soni law firm a trusted employment lawyer in Toronto who will defend your case and provide you justice. Some cases in which you can seek their help are listed below.

  • Wrongful dismissal – if you are dismissed from job without any prior intimation or without any explanation then you are entitled to file a case against the company to get your job back.
  • Sexual harassment – sexual harassment of the employees is an unforgivable crime and the management of the company should take strict action against it. If the company overlooks the act, the employees can seek legal help for getting justice and proving their dignity.
  • Injury at workplace – if the employees are not provided the required safety measures so that they can work without any trouble then the company is at fault. If any of the workers get injured then it is the company’s duty to pay the compensation for the losses. If the company is denying compensation, the employee can go to the court with the help of employment lawyer to get justice.