When Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Split, Who Gets The Real Estate?

Now that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are officially divorcing, how will they split the mind-boggling amount of assets they share? The real estate roster alone is a celebrity fantasy. The couple owns several properties in the U.S. and Europe worth tens of millions. Holmes, who reportedly will get over $15 million in child support as well as primary custody of the couple’s young daughter, still has a lot to gain if she can keep a few.

The California Castles

The main TomKat lair is a $35M mansion in Beverly Hills. Holmes and Cruise purchased it in 2008 and threw a star-studded housewarming party that included guests such as Jennifer Lopez. Since then, the couple has enjoyed a more private lifestyle behind walls of lush greenery and amenities such as a tennis court. From the air it looks like a king’s palace, and chances are it will remain with Tom Cruise.

The couple’s second California mansion is tucked nearby along the stunning Santa Barbara coast. TomKat built the three-acre Montecito estate on land purchased for $3.5M from actor Rob Lowe. Sprawled among rolling coastal hills, it boasts a huge lap pool in a resort-style setting. Holmes and six-year-old daughter Suri will likely make the retreat their primary residence. While it may have the Montecito pedigree, the home can’t touch the Beverly Hills property in value.

The New York Penthouse

No Hollywood couple can be without a piece of the Big Apple, and TomKat has enjoyed a panoramic penthouse in the East Village. The huge space in the trendy American Felt Building is likely to go to Cruise. Holmes has already rented an apartment in the Chelsea Mercantile building on Seventh Avenue. The Chelsea two-bedroom units rent for almost $9,000 per month. Holmes seems to be calling NYC home these days, as she and daughter Suri run about like happy residents.

The Retreats

Every celebrity needs to be able to hide away from it all in style. TomKat has vacation homes in Europe as well as in Colorado ski country.

The couple’s Telluride retreat is a $30M mansion in its own right. The posh log cabin has over 13,000 square feet of living space. Reportedly, $10M was spent adding a bunker-like feature. If this sounds like a Cruise move, it does seem likely that he’ll retain the wooded estate.

Every woman knows that the perfect real estate portfolio contains a little something from George Clooney. Holmes and Cruise have a prime villa on Lake Como that once belonged to Clooney. However, Holmes may not get to enjoy it much longer. Cruise bought the place on his own in 2006 for $6.9M and began restoring it before the couple’s marriage.

TomKat also owns a rather gloomy English manor, which happens to be near the UK Scientology headquarters. It is unlikely that Holmes will want the clumsy $4.7M residence in a Sussex neighborhood that may soon feel like old baggage.

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Jim Flick is a real estate agent for clinton New York apartments – he’s helped a number of celebrities (mostly B or C list) find homes.