Where Did Women’s Bikinis Come From?

How the name “Bikini” for women’s intimate wear has, in fact, nothing to do with underwear at all.  It was invented by a French engineer in the name of Louis Reard—naming in after “Bikini Atoll, an island in the pacific were atom bombs were tested in 1946.  The appearance of this skimpy two-piece swimwear for women, which consists of a bra top and a bottom made from inverted pieces of triangle tied together at the sides, shocked the world and did not gain acceptance right away.

The revealing bikini was banned in many countries since its invention and women were hesitant to wear them publicly because they could be arrested.    The women who dared to wear the controversial swimwear got into trouble but with the help of the media bikinis gained popularity and acceptance.  In 1962, The James Bond Movie, Dr. No, featured actress Urula Andress wearing a scanty bikini.      The actress became very popular since then.  More and more actresses and women dared to wear bikinis and since then bikinis were major hits.
The bikini became a pattern for one of the types of panties that are as popular as the swimwear it was derived from.  Woman’s bikinis are one of the most admired pieces of undergarment for women because of its snug fit and high leg design.  These bikinis provide good support  for the bottom just like a classic brief.  However the sides are narrower.  Some women’s bikinis are made with pieces of triangle and held together by narrow elastic bands, resembling the stringy swimsuit.  Moreover, modern bikinis have low waistbands so they can also be worn under low-cut jeans and skirts.
Bikinis look very sexy on woman.  Furthermore, they are very comfortable to wear especially when you sit at work for very long periods of time.  Modern Bikinis are made with different fabrics that keep your skin cool and free from moisture.  There are so many designs and colors to choose from.  If you want a sexier and more raunchy type of bikini, you can go for those made with see-through or sheer fabrics.  If you want a bikini that has full coverage but has a sexy and romantic appeal at the same time chose a bikini that is made with silk or microfiber and has accents like ruffles, lace trimmings or bows.  On the other hand, if all-day comfort is all that you are after you can have bikinis that have plain and single colors with no intricate design.
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