Where Do You Stream Hulu In 2017?

Where Do You Stream Hulu In 2017?

Hulu is one of the best services for legally streaming new and classic TV programs. It gives you the opportunity to watch a huge variety of free movies and TV programs very affordable. However, to stream all these on Hulu, you also need a streaming media player. A good streaming media device should be easy to set up, easy to navigate, have a quality video and audio, and include extra features like screen mirroring, voice search, and gaming. Based on these features, here is a breakdown of some of the best streaming devices (via allpowermoves.com) for Hulu.


The Roku Ultra is one of the best streaming devices for Hulu thanks to its full 4K resolution with HDR support and Dolby audio protocols. With more than 3, 500 channels, this player can let you do so much more. Its remote control features an audio jack for private listening and also a mic for voice search. Some of the features that make it an awesome streaming device include an Ethernet connectivity, Night Listening mode feature for turning down explosions and other loud sounds and a headphone jack built into the remote for flexible watching. This is the best choice for anyone looking for a 4K Ultra HD streaming device with HDR support.


The Chromecast 2 is one of the most portable Hulu streaming devices. This makes it the best option for travelers who want to stream Hulu services whenever they go. At $70, it is one of the most affordable options thus the reason for its popularity. The device is 1.8 times faster than the previous ChromeCast, comes with an in-built Ethernet connectivity, and offers 4K HDR. Although it lacks some common features like the voice control, and using mobile phones to enter movie names, it is one streaming devices that take casting into a whole new level.


Having come a long way since its debut in 2007, the Apple TV is now one of the best devices that you can use to stream Hulu. At a price of $149 for a 32GB and $199 for a 64GB one, the Apple TV relies mostly on Siri which is its voice control found on the remote. Although this streaming device doesn’t offer 4K HDR streaming, it’s one of the easiest streaming devices to navigate through communicating with the powerful Siri feature. You can simply communicate with it and tell it to display TV shows of a particular actor and even give follower-up instructions like displaying only his latest shows.


The Amazon Fire TV features a 4K Ultra HD, Amazon’s voice assistant, and the capability to simply search and find anything through telling the remote only the title of what you want. Although the device is built around what you can get on Amazon, it is also one of the best for streaming Hulu. At around $99.99, it comes with a 2GB RAM and an 8GB of storage that is expandable up to a whopping 200 GB. This is to help you save up all of your offline shows. Just like the Apple TV, it also features more than 1,200 games including the Lego Star Wars, the Minecraft, and the Pac-Man 256.


The Nvidia Shield will be your best Hulu streamer if you are also very much into gaming. With the Android TV, the setup is relatively easy and the shield is no exception. This is the only android TV that features Hulu and Netflix in it. Apart from helping you enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows, the Nvidia Shield also enables you to stream and download high-end android games. You can stream games from the cloud through GeForce with a lot of android and shield gaming options. The good thing about it is that it supports both OS and app updates in the background as you continue enjoying streaming. Being one of the most versatile streaming players in the market today, it also adds 4K HDR support and ability to play media through USB.