Where To Find Answers About Fresh Store Building

It is of great use to you to make time and go through the information on the product. There are answers to much of what you might experience building your own store and you will most likely not need to search widely to get what you need. The information is conclusive to help you get started fast and you can also make use of the search box to get prompt answers as well.

In the event that your question is not answered in the existing forums you are free to raise a ticket to support so that your question can have personal attention. To do that you need to login to your FSB account and then engage helpdesk with the issue. The query that you raise will then be directed to the relevant section. Even without an account you are still able to raise a ticket to get attention of a support agent. Here is more on how that works.


The helpdesk is in place to address issues arising from users of various services on the platform. Any question you might have on a product will get personal attention from the agents in the quickest time possible. You have to make sure you engage the right helpdesk for the product that you are inquiring about.

After checking out the website for an answer to your question, the next step is for you to contact helpdesk by choosing the relevant department. This is based on the type of question you would like to get answered. Your question will be answered via email and you are not required to login. However, you will need to be logged in to view the available departments so as to pick the relevant one. The list of departments is available for you to view. They include;

  • General inquiries
  • Fresh website hosting
  • Accounting and account management
  • Fresh web Market
  • Fresh Bundle master

You will be asked to provide some details on the issue when raising a ticket after which you then wait for a response from support. Fresh Store Builder has an awesome team that is always at hand to answer your questions promptly. It all goes to making your experience with the software as painless as possible. You can also submit a ticket if you have a unique question that has not been addressed before. This way you will be contributing to the growing database of information for use by others.


Most of the topics one might need to refer to are listed in the knowledgebase for easy access. You will be able to find much of what you need to get started building your own store. Even after putting up your store you can still find tips on how to make the most of it. Much of the information comes from users who have had a taste of the process before. This should be the first place for one to visit and get familiar with even before purchasing the software. It will help you decide if this is the right tool for you to use for doing business online.


This is a good place to start as you get first hand information from those who have used the software to build their stores. In here are various topics about experiences on the process. It is advisable to use the resource as there is always fresh information to read. This is the best place to get insights as people share lessons learnt while in the process of building stores. If you want truthful accounts from people who have had the chance to make use of the app then it is the right place for you to go. Nothing is spared as recounts of the pros and cons of it are brought out to the full glare of all. You can also raise your issue on here as most likely there will be someone who is ready to answer you most of the time.

With these interactive sources of information one is assured of starting off in the right way. In case you are not able to receive help in one way you can always turn another of the options from the resources availed. Most of the time you do not have to struggle using all of them so as to find your answer.