Where To Get Great Ideas And Inspiration For Your Web Design

Designing a website can be a daunting task for graphic artists and web designers because of the responsibility of getting ideas and inspiration. This is necessary because it is the only way for anyone to create unique and mind blowing websites that will set your work apart from the rest of the online world. As a web designer working to do something unique, you should be glad to know that there are hundreds of places you can get creative ideas that you can use in your design to make it look different from anything else.

The Unusual Places

To be really creative you need to think outside box and experiment with ideas that are not very common or familiar with everyone. Unusual places you can get inspiration for your webs design includes different eras. Every era in the past has its own unique style, design, presentation, culture and art. Search for elements of the eras past in form of clothing, buildings, art work, posters, advertising, writing styles e.t.c. You can also get unusual inspiration from nature. Get a camera, move outside to witness nature and take inspiring photographs from different angles and use it to create your website. Getting close to nature can also be very benefitting for web designers. You can make use of details of the lines on a leaf and designs on the wings of a butterfly and add to your website design to give it a special look.

If you live in the city then you have the advantage of making use of architectures all over the place to include in your design. The city has monuments and beautiful structures you can photograph and use in your design. You can also get inspirations from billboards and city malls filled with designs, patterns, lightening, kiosks and fountains that will really make your work look stunning. The library has plenty of materials from images in children’s illustration books to beautiful advertising design and typography that will make a great presentation. High speed photography and music and album covers are also some the unusual places you can look to get inspiration for your web design.

Web Gallery

For those who cannot afford to move around and get ideas there are many gallery websites online that you can get ideas from. These websites have hundred of thousands of entries that you can check out to get amazing inspiration that will make your work look very different. Some of the sites are based on CSS while others work with flash and WordPress sites. There are gallery sites for design in different fields like beauty, fashion, art and entertainment, construction and engineering, architecture and so on.

Art Gallery

If have once taken a visit to an art store you would understand how amazing these places are. There are artworks from different ages, backgrounds and interest. Artworks in galleries will expose your imagination to current trends and concepts that are relevant to the present age. If the galleries are too crowded you can take a walk on the streets and get inspiration from graffiti arts that available for free on walls. Art supplies in form of craft papers can also contain design patterns and elements that are unique and can be used on your web design. Take a walk to the art supply store and feed your mind with plenty of ideas from tones of arts papers.

Apart from the avenues above you can also get inspiration for you web design in bookstores. There are thousands of book covers and designs that many people have not seen before and business card ideas that you can utilize according to your own imagination.

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