Where To Host Your Office Holiday Party

Required amenities are one thing to consider when choosing an event location for your end of year office party. Sometimes you must consider if the venue falls in line with an overall theme. Listen to advice from professional marketing experts when planning the next holiday affair for your office.

Start Planning Early

Make early inquiries to ensure availability for desired venues. Holiday bookings at popular locales go quickly. Take pictures during facility tours to refresh your memory during later selection processes. Early planning also allows for proper event budget planning.

List Required Amenities

List required features to make the event run smoothly. Include full catering, bar service and coat check areas. Do not forget commonly requested items such as audio-visual (AV) equipment, tableware and additional furnishings. Stick with all-inclusive establishments to simplify event planning. Use the list to narrow down choices during the selection process.

Consider Your Brand

Think about company employees and makes them happy. Sporting goods or outdoor equipment companies may enjoy a more casual party environment like a sports bar or gaming establishment. Accountants or lawyers may prefer an upscale restaurant. Venues that appease younger personnel may not hold merit with older workforce members. Parties for predominantly male companies take on a different feel than female-oriented groups.

Hotels and restaurants are traditional event venues but there are other fun, quirky options. School gyms, cruise ships and fitness clubs are prime locales for corporate events. In an effort to keep things economical and convenient for employees, some companies host events within the work environment. It all comes down to what employees would find the most entertaining and engaging.

Talk to the Manager

Talk with venue managers to get a feel for the customer service provided during events. Helpful managers discuss event needs in addition to arranging menu and drink samples during tours. Count on constant manager updates in the weeks leading up to an event.

Choose a Day

Ask about date availability during venue tours. Most end of year company parties occur on Thursday and Friday, so ask about discounted rates for events held earlier in the week. Flexible options are extremely helpful in selecting a venue that does not break the budget.

Do Not Overestimate Attendance

Keep attendance numbers in mind while reviewing event venues. A large, fancy ballroom with crystal chandeliers looks impressive but swallows smaller parties whole. Fuller rooms are better. Select an area that accommodates the total number of attendees, whatever the amount, to guarantee a successful party atmosphere.

Think About Post-Event Activity

Inquire about guest lodging and / or transportation services just in case attendees want to stay overnight or cannot drive themselves home. Ask about discounted rates at hotels located near event venues. See if packages include shuttle bus services for safe guest transport.

End of year party planning does not have to be a huge headache. Consideration of attendee needs and a little advanced planning create successful events. Follow previously stated advice and enjoy the party!

Tony is a manager at Dedes Restaurant in Sydney, Australia, helping clients plan events and parties of all sizes and for all occasions. Tony knows that the right location can influence the mood of a party, and be the difference between a great end of year party, or flop.