Where To Take Your Motorhome Holiday In England.

I like the simple things in life, with the bare minimum of complications. Give me beautiful scenery, my family close to hand and an easy way to get around and I’ll be as happy as can be.
I fell in love with motorhome holidays for this reason. It’s easy to get around, your bed’s never far and you can get up close and personal the best that nature has to offer.
With that in mind, here is my simple and uncomplicated guide to the best places to take your motorhome in England. They’re in alphabetical order, rather than any sort of preference. They’re all great locations, after all.
Blackpool, on the Fylde Coast.
I admit it; this is an unusual location to start with. Blackpool may not be known for its natural beauty – more for its shining lights – but my children love it. Enjoy the local scenery, before heading closer to the town, its amusements, fish and chips and Sea Life Centre.
Cornwall and Devon
It doesn’t seem right to part these two beautiful counties. It might take you a while to get there, but the drive itself is an absolute pleasures. Take your pick from its miles and miles of beauty. Head to the coast for quiet beaches and clotted cream, or stay inland for some of the nicest, untouched moors.

The Cotswolds
Heading to the Cotswolds is like travelling back in time. If you want to feel like The Industrial Revolution never happened, then park up near any of its beautiful towns and stroll for hours, stopping only to enjoy the traditional and local food and drink.
If you live in London then Kent might feel like cheating. ‘The Garden of England’ is practically on your door-step, but that’s just another of its advantages. It feels like the entire county has been pruned and managed by a landscape architect and, with Hastings and Canterbury, it boats some of England’s most iconic locations.
If Kent is England’s garden, then Norfolk and its broads are the fields over the fence. The sea hangs in the air wherever you are and there’s a wild, feral feel to the county. Large roads and cities are rare as noise, so look no further if you fancy a true ‘get away’.
The Peak District
I only have one thing to say about the Peaks: If you’ve travelled to Europe and beyond but never visited this beautiful district, you may live to regret those expensive plane tickets.
Thomas March works for TravelworldRV, UK specialists in American and European motorhomes. He’s considering a move to Blackpool, but he’s not sure if he could handle the lack of lights for three quarters of the year.