Where’s The Most Expensive Place To Hire A Car?

It’s an interesting question to think about; people spend so much time researching the cost of their vacation, the hotel, the flights and of course the pre-flight shopping – but what about the car hire? Sure we’ll consider it and factor it in to our budget but can it really make a significant cost impact to our holiday? The comparison site travel supermarket did a survey to ascertain just exactly which destinations were the most costly locations in which to hire a car. When the results came through they were an interesting read and by no means what you’d automatically anticipate!
The cheapest 
I’ll give you a clue – it’s a country very close to home! Yes, best known for shamrocks and leprechauns Ireland was reported as the cheapest place in which to hire a car. When the survey was conducted it cost approximately £80 per week to hire a car there and with its beautiful scenery and culture steeped in tradition, the affordable price of car hire can certainly make it a more tempting prospect to visit for your vacation.

The most expensive
If you’re on a budget and looking for an economy price then you might want to avoid taking a trip to Georgia. Topping the list of the most expensive places to hire a car, at the time the survey was taken it would cost you upwards of £650 to hire a car from the airport for just one week. Compare this to the costs in Ireland and you’ve almost got another holiday in itself in the difference.
Other pricey locations
When you think of decadence you may think of LA, New York, Dubai, Cannes, St Tropez or Monaco…you’re not likely to think of Africa. Well think again! Zambia came in second place where even the cheapest vehicle cost more than £500 to hire for one week. Another surprise entry was the Seychelles which came in third place with their cheapest price on offer still just over £500 for a week.
Other findings
The cheapest continent award was won by the Middle East, averaging just over £131 for a weeks hire and Africa once more made an appearance as the priciest continent with an average more than £285. For us Britons though who regularly look to top up our tans in the Mediterranean its good news as Spain, Portugal and Malta all offered reasonable, affordable prices.
For areas that are more competitive it would appear happily, that the prices are more stable. For those holiday destinations that are more obscure though where the consumer has less choice, it seems they may be stuck with a hefty additional cost on top of the other excesses of their trip. With the costs of hiring a car potentially being so extreme it can definitely worth doing your research and having a look around for the best deals from providers before you make your final decision. Even when totting up the costs though, ultimately if you’re going to end up forking out large amounts of money for taxis every night it could still be worth going down the avenue of hiring a car, despite the fact that costs do appear to have risen in recent years.
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