Which Music Streaming Service Is Right for You?


Music streaming is the way of the future these days. There can be no doubt about that the current trend in music is towards streaming services. Even without looking at the numbers, it just makes sense that people would rather listen to any song they want, at any time, rather than lugging around any song they might conceivably want to play on a tiny phone. At this point in the game, there are already a few major services duking it out to see who will be the king of music streaming.

Google Music


The music section of Google Play has only been out for 2 or so years now, but it’s certainly hitting the industry by storm. One of the main features of the service is that you can upload up to 20,000 songs on it, regardless of how big each individual song is. This means that to a degree, you have unlimited space.

And considering the widespread use of products associated in some way with Google, such as all of the Android phones, you certainly won’t be spoiled for choice as a consumer. And, as an artist, you can sell your music on the service as well. This means that people searching for music like yours on Google Play could encounter it randomly. Google Play also offers really cheap services to artists such as a one-time artist page fee, and they take only 30 percent or so for the promotion, while giving you free and unlimited albums and tracks to stream.


Spotify has a cheaper premium plan than Google Music on the desktop, for starters. The fact that it has a desktop app at all also gives it a leg up on Google Music. Spotify also has more rare collections than Google and a wider selection. The free trial for 30 days on Spotify is also useful for trying it out, either as a consumer or as an artist to see how it might help you out. The “follow and share” options for Spotify tend to make it more social without the need to connect to an external service like Google+, so it could be easier to make your songs go viral that way.

Promote Your Streaming Songs

No matter which streaming service you use, it’s a fact that using music promotion companies is the way you get your streaming sites to the ears of those who will really appreciate it. These companies can reach hundreds of thousands of potential fans and connect them right to you. Many musicians on services like YouTube have used such sites to launch their paths to stardom. An example is the singer Gotye, who did the smash hit “Somebody that I used to know,” which featured a music video involving naked people and paint that seemingly every teenager in the world has seen by now.

Regardless of which streaming sight you end up using. If you’re a band or aspiring artist, music promotion sites are right for you for sure.