Which Traffic Injuries Will You Be Able To Make A Claim For?

Which Traffic Injuries Will You Be Able To Make A Claim For?

Every year thousands of people are injured in accidents on the road. You may not have been at fault, so you can pursue legal action.

A solicitor with a proven track record with traffic accidents will be able to build your case based on evidence. You may have suffered certain injuries that require treatment or time off work. This can form the basis of your case.

Which traffic injuries will you be able to make a claim for?


You may have suffered a blow to the head which is causing amnesia or memory loss. You should consider your options and find a lawyer who has helped people when they have suffered these kinds of injuries.

An accident and personal injury solicitor in Newcastle will make sure that all of the relevant evidence is collected so that the claim will have a solid foundation. This increases the chances that a successful claim will be made on your behalf.


The force of the impact can cause you to become injured. The whiplash has a negative effect on your back and shoulders. You may need to take some time off work as a result of the neck injury that you have suffered.

A lawyer will be able to help you when you are going to make a claim for the injury that has been suffered.

Broken Bones

Broken bones can result from the force of the impact, and could include your ribs and your arms. These broken bones can cause discomfort or you may need some time to recuperate away from work. A fully-qualified solicitor is going to help you build your case.

How To Choose A Lawyer To Help You With Your Claim

You need to know how to choose a lawyer so that they are going to be able to help you with the claim that you would like to make:

  • Ask people about the lawyers that they have used in the past. These people could be your neighbours or your family members.
  • Look on message boards.
  • Check online testimonials for different lawyers.
  • Cold-call different lawyers and ask them questions which are relevant to your case.

Building Your Case

The lawyer is going to help you to build a compelling case. To do this they are going to gather evidence from people who witnessed the accident as well as people who treated your injuries. This is going to be handled by the lawyer and you will not have to go about the evidence-gathering process on your own. The case can be summited once all of the evidence has been put forward.


A lawyer can help you to claim when you have suffered injuries during a road accident. They will make sure that all the relevant information has been collected before the case is submitted. You can find a lawyer online and you can also get relevant information from your friends and neighbours.