Who Are Addicted In Playing Games Are They Genius?

Who are addicted in playing games, are they Genius

Among us many of people are interested in playing games. More than 80 percent of the world play games. Most of people think age matters, some of them are addicted, few of them plays to pass the time for a moment.

I can’t say much about such People who play games to just pass time for a moment, but There is so much to say people who are addicted in playing games.

wait a minute………

People Who are addicted in playing games, are they Genius comparing to a fully educated person? 

Yes! Sure they are genius………….. Confused?

Playing a game is not easy as it looks like, game need lots of concentration, 3 out of 10 only complete the total game it can takes many days for end game over title. In these days games became part of human’s life. XBOX, PlayStation,PC, Mobile, Smartphone’s, some devices are specially designed to play games.

How gamer is Genius

-Believe it or not playing game makes your mind sharp. Because when you play a puzzle game you need to find some objects or unlock some codes, fill in the blanks, finding the word which are to learn from dictionary , this increase you vocabulary.

Let’s think you are playing some RPG games which are single person shooter, fighter or adventure game. In this kind of games you need to fight, shoot, escape, you may die number of times to find a better way to achieve something. People who play these kinds of games mostly, they unknowingly make some things of work which completely differ from common person way of behaving.

These are similar in all kind of games like arcade, puzzle, one person shooter, and many more games which give knowledge.

Some people don’t even know they are achieving a bright knowledge which differs in many ways.

Not only playing games whatever you do, which makes you happy do the same thing with happy face in your own interest

There are few games, some big company which are only in the progress of making vocabulary games. More than 70% of all games contain excellent puzzle solving with dictionary tags and many more of them to do with it. The same which can make you to read some unknown words which will definitely be useful in your future life to competition.

Playing for fun is also a good habit. Technology is gone too long these days. No need to buy some kind of different devices for play games.  Taking call, using internet, GPS, Browsing, games and unbelievable many more things are done in one device, which are smartly called as Smartphone’s.

Choose such kind of game which contains all stuff with puzzle, shooting, adventure and all ingredients to have full entertainment. Some of them completely avoid playing games which is little bad for them. Games are not only for entertainment. They also increase and show your integrity and way behaving of your life style.

There are much stuff in complete entertainment of life, and also it should only be to gain something but not to break them. With improper action or activities.