Who Are Candidates For Walk-In Tubs?

Many people have come across advertisements for walk in tubs in their local newspapers. These are also often advertised on television. However, some people might not be aware if they are a candidate for using a safety tub in their bathroom. While it might seem that these sorts of tubs are marketed to a tight market niche of people, one will find that all sorts of people can benefit from using these tubs in order to bathe and care for themselves. Here is a list of people who are great candidates for having a walk-in tub installed in their home:

The Elderly: These sort of tubs are often marketed toward the elderly most of all. This is because the elderly are very prone to slips and falls. It’s extremely common for the elderly to break their bones from falling in their tubs or their showers. As a matter of fact, it’s estimated that over half of the emergency room visits involving the elderly stem from common slips and falls in their home. Therefore, it’s important for people in this group to have access to a form of personal care that will keep them safe from as much harm as possible.

The Disabled:  There are all sorts of disability diagnosis that can keep a person from entering a traditional tub, or from standing in a stand-alone shower. Needless to say, if a person has lost the use of their lower body, they’ll need to remain seated while bathing.  If a person has lost their eye sight, then it’s not safe for them to attempt to enter a tub or a shower. While there are disabled people who can use their arms, legs or eyes, they aren’t able to stand for long periods of time due to fatigue or vertigo. Some people experience extreme joint and muscular pain. A tub that allows a person to walk in allows them to bathe, while honoring their disability issues.

Athletes: Pain is a part of the life and training of all athletes. Whirlpool sessions are a part of the athlete’s muscular recovery. Therefore, an athlete or anyone who trains on a constant basis would certainly appreciate sitting in a walk-in tub that soothes aching muscles and joints.

As anyone can see, all sorts of people will find that having a tub such as this would vastly benefit their quality of life. Not only are these tubs accessible for so many groups of people, but the water provides all types of comforting and healing benefits. What’s more, exiting a walk-in tub is just as simply as entering one. Having a tub such as this installed in one’s home is a home project that anyone could benefit from.

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