Why A Dedicated Events Location Will Boost Business

If you are planning any type of event, conference or training over a few days for either staff or clients, then a dedicated location where people can stay overnight and have all the facilities provided to them on site, is the best solution for all. Below are some of the considerations you may want to take into account when booking your next venue.

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On site accomodation
Why do people book dedicated event locations in the first place? The main reason is because your clients will be able to take part in activities and stay in the same location with minimal hassle. They should also have the convenience of being able to wake up in the morning, eat, then get on with the day’s events. If the location is in a luxurious surrounding, it makes for a very pleasant experience which people can take away with them. If they have had a positive experience, then they will have this mindset when they come to your next event.

Complimentary services
One advantage of staying on site at a dedicated conference location, is all the complimentary services are laid on. This should not only include complimentary food and drink throughout the day, but all the facilities your clients or staff may need during their stay, including Internet access, video conferencing facilities and dedicated training rooms. If any special provisions are needed for your event, then the location managers should be able to arrange anything you need.

All facilites on site
Clients or staff who turn up on site and know that their needs will be catered for, will be much happier than ones that have to book into a hotel, travel to site and then travel back to the hotel after the day’s training or event. If your event is business orientated, your clients will want to interact with each other, so if they are all housed on site, they will be able to do so not just as part of the days events, but also while using the on-site recreational facilities. This makes for a more pleasant stay.

Block bookings
Any location that you book for a few days will want your return business. Therefore, as part of your booking ask for any other complimentary facilities they may include in the cost. If you book two presentation rooms and a training room, ask if you can have complimentary tea and biscuits for all guests. There are many other examples of extras that you could include for your event, so negotiation is a very good idea.

A dedicated location for any type of event which includes accommodation on site, should provide you with all the facilities you need and a  fantastic environment for all the people visiting. The idea is for all people attending to come away with a pleasant experience of their stay, along with the knowledge and contacts they went for in the first place. Everybody likes to visit and stay at a great location as it makes for a memorable experience that should be completely positive. If your clients or staff feel like they are not being looked after, then this can be just as memorable as a positive experience.

List all the criteria you want from a dedicated training environment, then see which locations fit your needs.

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