Why Add Distillery Tours to Your Florida Vacation Agenda?

As the national enthusiasm for microbrewed beer or craft spirits becomes increasingly popular, these libations are offered everywhere, from local bars to casual and fine dining establishments and gastropubs. Microbreweries are small shops, producing no more than 15,000 barrels of beer in a year, and craft distilleries, or microdistilleries, produce alcohol, also in small volumes. Since they are on the rise, many people visiting and vacationing in Florida may now choose to add a visit to these boutique distilleries as an addition or alternative to many of the more mainstream tourist activities.
Why Add Distillery Tours to Your Florida Vacation Agenda

New Alcohol Sales Laws

Since the recent passage of House Bill 347 by Florida’s senate, distilleries there are now allowed to sell alcohol products on their premises. Since wineries and breweries have always been allowed to do this, it is a logical progression for distilleries. The passage of the new law is expected to have a wide ranging impact upon the approximately dozen distilleries in Florida.

For instance, it is expected that distillery visits will resonate more with Florida tourists since they can buy a bottle or three of their favorite craft beverage after touring the facility. The distilleries welcome the new law since selling directly to people will help them grow their brands on both a regional and national level.

Florida Distillery Tours

Due to the law change, more microbreweries and microdistilleries that create unique spirits are starting to offer tours; here are just a sampling of locations in Florida for all adults to enjoy:

D.G. Yuengling and Son, with operations in Pottsville and Tampa, is the oldest brewery in America. The family owned facility offers the highest quality porters, lagers and ales for wholesalers, retailers and the general public to enjoy. Tours are offered free of charge at 11111 N. 30th Street in Tampa, and visitors are invited to sample their many high quality microbrews.

Palm Ridge Reserve offers a number of tastings and events on a regular basis. Guests are able to visit their road show to sample their many craft beverage creations at various places from Jacksonville to Mount Dora.

Drum Circle Distilling at 2212 Industrial Blvd., Sarasota, will host free 60 minute tours starting in the fall of 2013. Designed to demonstrate how experts and owners Troy Roberts and Tom Clarke hand craft their classic Siesta Key Rum, visitors may also enjoy the nearby downtown district after visiting the warehouse complex.

St. Augustine Distillery at 110 Riberia Street Street, St. Augustine, plans to align with sightseeing trolleys so that visitors may be dropped off for tours, visits to the museum, and the bar. Whether you ask a Tampa or an Orlando DUI Lawyer, you will be reminded of the wisdom in riding a trolley instead of getting behind the wheel of a car after visiting a distillery bar. In St. Augustine, guests may also visit the distillery’s shop where they may purchase the craft beverage they just sampled as well as others. There will also be a theater showing a documentary about the distillery’s local farm relationships.

Cautionary Measures

Those who choose to indulge the many opportunities to enjoy libations such as those found at Florida distilleries and breweries are encouraged to take care not to drink and drive. DUI arrests are never easy, but while on vacation they can be extraordinarily inconvenient and even more costly. For instance, depending on how extensive an accident is, DUI arrests in Florida may include criminal charges. Also, privileges to drive in the state are suspended and the arrest is reported to the National Driver Registry for the U.S. Because of this, home states may issue their own license suspensions. Rather than risking an accident, paying high fines and facing possible incarceration, simply plan transportation ahead of time. Keep the tours fun and safe by traveling with a designated driver, tour service or taxi.

Teresa Stewart, in search of the perfect taste, enjoys visiting local microbreweries with friends, and offers information for others who may desire unique, boutique offerings while on a trip to Florida. Orlando DUI Lawyer Katz & Phillips, P.A. will protect your rights if a lapse in judgment results in a Florida DUI. When just any lawyer won’t do, they will go the distance for their clients with their quality, personalized, tailored for you service.