Why Air Curtains Benefit Your Business

An air curtain is a barrier that is created to form a seamless barrier between two environments. The barrier is able to inhibit the flow of air between the two environments so that the temperature is not interfered with and also to keep out insects, dirt, dust and wind out and for sanitation purposes. Air curtains are created by circulating an air seal through ductwork that is concealed in the doors so that there is a barrier formed between the indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Advantages Of Using Air Curtains For Business

One of the biggest advantage of using air curtains for business is that you will save a lot on energy costs as they prevent air conditioning or heating from escaping through open doorways. Your energy costs will become lower and you are able to make huge savings on them.

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They keep out dust, dirt and insects out of your business so your premises is clean and fresh. You don’t need to hire a cleaning force around the clock to keep your business area clean.
You can keep your doors open for your customers so that it is welcoming and inviting for them. They are also able to see inside your business and this can encourage some customers to make impulse buyers once they see what you have in your store or business premises. It is also easily accessible for people in wheelchairs, mothers with strollers and people whose hands are full.
Any contaminating or polluting agents are kept outside and do not pollute your premises. Fumes from outside also cannot enter your building and make your employees and customers unhappy.
Your employees are much more comfortable and they have a more pleasant working environment which makes them more productive.
Air curtains do not require any extra space on the doorways and as a business owner you can use this extra space to better your business. For example you can utilize this space for advertising your products or to build a bigger display for your goods or services.

Types Of Businesses That Would Benefit From Using Air Curtains

Air curtains are ideal for businesses that deal with food such as cafes, drive through windows in fast food restaurants, supermarkets, restaurants and food processing factories. This is to keep out dust and germs from contaminating the food in these places.
Businesses that have a lot of human traffic will find that air curtains will help save on energy use as they keep temperatures in the building constant. Without an air curtain, energy costs for businesses with high traffic will be very high since they are always being affected by the temperatures outside.
Industries that should have pristine environments will find that air curtains greatly reduce the chances of contamination taking place. Manufacturing industries require pristine environment to be able to manufacture quality goods. If the temperature in the factories and industrial facilities is interfered with, the quality of the goods being manufactured could be compromised.
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