Why An Instrument Makes For A Fantastic Christmas Present

As we go into December, there’s a good chance you’re frantically thinking of what to ask friends and family for for Christmas! With parents and partners asking the question on an almost daily basis, the thought of what to ask for can often go in different ways. Do you ask for DVDs and games which will be watched or played once and forgotten about or do you think of something a little more meaningful which could be used a lot more often! On such a front, why not consider asking for a musical instrument as a present? Even if you currently don’t play anything, now could be the time to learn and a decent instrument can last you a lifetime! We’ve teamed up with Essex based music school AT Music Group to take a look at just why an instrument makes such a great gift and how it doesn’t have to take too much to learn to play it!

Let’s say you opt for the most common instrument, a guitar! You’re not necessarily going to end up being as good as Hendrix over night but there’s no reason at all why you can’t be playing to a reasonable standard within a few months with a series of lessons and some hard practicing! If you want to play in a band…great! There’s no reason why you can’t be doing that within a couple of months either and playing with others is a sure fire way to improve your own playing and reach the level of others! It’s a relatively easy instrument to learn and it doesn’t matter if you can’t read music!

As far as we are concerned, an instrument is a fantastic present which can last you a lifetime and can offer you hours of enjoyment! Whether you join a band or simply play along to your favourite songs in your room…learning an instrument is a fantastic thing to do and we couldn’t suggest it more when you’re struggling to think up a present to ask family for for Christmas!