Why Are People Heading To Camino De Santiago De Compostela?

There is nowhere else on this planet that pilgrimages flock to the most than Santiago de Compostela.  This is a city that is found in the northern part of Spain.  It is a city which is highly revered among Christians all over the world, simply because it is said to be the burial site of Saint James, which the city is named after, being translated as “The Way of Saint James.”  Every year there are a over a thousand people gathering from every corner of the world to visit this place, walking such great distances.  One would often wonder why they go through such a challenge? Is there something in it for them other than going through a sacrifice of sorts?  What pleasure will they derive from going through a 500 mile walk?  Below are just a few facts as to why it continues to inspire many pilgrims and travelers in visiting it.

  • This is considered to a World Heritage site, a place that is spiritually revered apart from the Vatican and Jerusalem.  It has acquired such a legendary status as well, especially with accounts of Saint James visiting the area to preach to the masses and spread the word of the Almighty.  His remains is said to be entombed in the cathedral of Santiago, which is the main reason why it is such a popular destination for devout Catholics and pilgrims.
  • There are a lot of people who are fascinated with the architecture to be found in the city.  For a rather small place, the buildings, such as the cathedral, are grandiose and majestic.  The University is also another establishment which fills Santiago with that sense of youthful energy.
  • To a lot of people, the main draw of the Santiago de Compostela is the fact that they can meet people much like themselves from every part of the world.  As pilgrims, they would converge with one purpose in mind – to seek spiritual fulfillment.  Knowing this, there’s bound to be some camaraderie formed, especially when they take the routes together in trying to reach the Cathedral.   New friendships among complete strangers with a common goal will be made, and there is much satisfaction to be had.
  • The city also has a various bunch of attractions, such as the aforementioned Cathedral.  In here, lies a pillar which pilgrimages would touch upon reaching the city after a long journey from the multiple routes leading to it.  The pillar is said to possess unearthly powers that are straight from God himself, and can help people acquire the strength to face their worries and concerns.  Aside from that, the cathedral also has a museum containing old relics and tapestries which will surely put a smile on the faces of devoted followers of Christianity.

The Way of Saint James, aka the Santiago de Compostela, certainly has a lot to offer to the spiritually inclined. These are the very reasons why many people worldwide visit it each year.

Leslie loves hill walking and writing his routes on the web.  He has been running the main Camino de Santiago and Walking in Scotland site since 2006. Click on the link for it may have a positive impact on yourself to visit the Way of Saint James.