Why Are So Many Offices So Cold?

How many times have you walked into an office and thought how cold, callous, and unwelcoming it was? How many offices have you walked into only to find too much stainless steel, plain metal desks and empty beige walls? Why are offices often so cold? Is this the way an office just has to be? These are all very good questions. Would you like to know the answer to them? Whether you actually own an office that you are unsure of what to do with or you are just unclear on why so many offices look the same, you will find the answers to your questions here.

Why the Cold, Distant Look?
To begin with, why do so many offices have this same look? There are actually a few different answers to that question. Here are a few of them.

  • Business owners are very busy and they do not have time to worry about office décor.
  • Business owners will very likely put office décor as a low priority because they have other things that need their attention,
  • Many times, a business owner is looking or a way to keep things low maintenance so they keep the office basic.
  • Business owners want something that will last a long time, so they stick with drab and basic neutrals.

Most often, the look of an office is not necessarily the most important thing for a business owner to think about. They would rather spend their time and their budgets on other things that have to do with running the business.

Does the Office Have to Look Drab?
It is unfortunate that so many offices and reception areas do look so drab because they are often the first impression that a customer or client gets of a company, and they certainly do not have to include this look. This is a choice. Most business owners worry that too much décor will not look professional, but there is a definite balance between a professional look and a well decorated office.

If you currently are trying to determine if you want to do something else at your own business, then keep in mind that nothing says you have to use neutrals and drab details.

How to Decorate and Office
The best way to choose the right décor for an office is to completely take out all of the details currently located in it if you can. This will leave you with the walls and flooring and these are two great areas to begin with. Choose warm tones and rich tones on the walls as opposed to neutrals. For flooring, consider something updated like natural stone tile.

When you start adding in the details to the space, continue remembering how style matters. Choose artwork that is truly artistic and that will draw the eye. Choose accents like water features and wall water fountains to add something different to a space. Choose special little touches on shelves or counters. All of these accents together will create a look that speaks much more highly of your business. These little decor accents will certainly take your office from drab to stylish.

Why are so many offices so cold? Often, it has to do with time, money, and maintenance. However, you can still have an updated, warm and inviting space with just a few changes. Your own business does not have to be another in a long line of cold and drab spaces. Make sure you are using the right color and material on walls and floors. Then, choose just the right accents to include throughout the space.

Polly Godwin is the owner of KineticFountains.com, a company specializing in water features, outdoor water fountains and more.