Why China Inspection Is Important For Any Importer

Why China Inspection Is Important For Any Importer

China is no doubt one of the largest distributors and exporters of perishable goods. If you own a business especially the online type, or knows someone who does, then there is a high chance that either you or them will have products coming out of China. Now it is safe to say that China may not necessarily be known entirely for its level o quality control but having poor inspection on your products beats having none at all.

Here are some of the steps involved in China inspection of your goods;

1) Are they Good to be Shipped Out?

At this stage, the inspection officer will take their time to sort out and quantity your product’s batches, to see if the quantity is up to the requested amount and to sort out any sort of defective items from the lot. This process happens to take place immediately after production of goods has been completed.

Should there be any need for corrective action, the officer can notify the production line about the defects from this point on and production can continue to replace the defective items.

2) Performing the Investigation

It will be very hard for any production company to tell you that their rate of producing high quality items will always remain at 100%. That is why when defects happen, it is up to the inspection officers to perform an investigation to discover why or how the defect occurred.

In this stage, all types of information will be gathered and the entire process will be thoroughly scrutinized. Upon completion, feedback is given back to the head of the process who will then implement the right steps accordingly to try and eliminate or reduce the chance of defects being formed again.

3) Last but not least, comes Inspection at the Source

In most cases, machines are to blame for making defective products as it is sometimes very hard or downright impossible to control all of the factors that affect the external environments. That is why sometimes, though rarely, it is the process that could be at fault. Due to human negligence, some processes tend to overlap one another, causing defective products to be produced on the production line.

At this stage, the inspection officer will also investigate to see if any of these is true and whether there is a way to prevent defects from occurring before they even happen.

So why bother with China Inspection?

 Putting it simply, having your products go through China inspection will give you the best value for your investment of both time and money. However, the reality is that most manufacturing companies tend to overlook defects for favor of quantity over quality.