Why Cyprus Is An Attractive Location For Foreign Investment

Cyprus is a great country for anyone who is looking for a place for a good investment. In fact, many sources refer to Cyprus as one of the best countries in the world today when it comes to investing and businesses of any kind. Nowadays, more and more people and countries choose to invest in Cyprus rather than anywhere else.

But what exactly makes Cyprus such a great place? What can this small European country offer that others cannot?
There are actually several great reasons for this. Here are some of the top reasons why Cyprus is indeed one of the most attractive locations for foreign investments.

Cyprus has the best tax scheme in the whole of Europe

Taxation is one of the biggest concerns when running a business. After all, a business’ profits do suffer quite a bit of damage from the tax collected by the government.
However, the good thing is that in Cyprus, you can be sure that you will be able to keep as much of your profits as possible. How? With the low taxation jurisdiction present in Cyprus, companies, corporations, and the like will only have to pay a low fixed rate of 10%. This rate is exceptionally good, and is in fact known all over the world as the best taxation rate in the whole of Europe.

Cyprus has a well rounded and solid infrastructure to support businesses

When choosing to invest in a country, it is very important to be aware of the state that it is in when it comes to business. This is so you can be sure that you will not be putting your money into something that will not succeed.
However, in Cyprus, you can be sure that this will not be an issue at all. Cyprus has a well developed business sector which can accommodate all of the needs of a business venture, which is sure to be directly beneficial for your investment.

It is very easy to become an investor in Cyprus

The process of becoming an investor in Cyprus is also very easy. In fact, you will only have to undergo a few easy steps. With the well developed process and system of investment which exists in Cyprus, you can be sure that you will be on your way to getting profits from your investment as soon as possible.
The banking scene in Cyprus is one of the best in the whole world.
When investing, it is very important that you can feel secure with the banking institutes that you will be dealing with. In Cyprus, you can be sure that all of your banking transactions will be dealt with in the best manner possible. You should know that the banking policies in Cyprus are in par with that of the ever famous Switzerland in terms of privacy and security.

 Cyprus caters to a wide range of investors, whether they are local or offshore

Because Cyprus has been host to many investors through the years, it is definitely a place that welcomes new investments whether big or small. So, investing in Cyprus will most definitely be a good move on your part.
Evgenios Erotokritou is a Barrister at Law and senior legal and corporate consultant at E.R. Team Global Consultants Ltd. He is a Member of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple. He has extensive experience on Cyprus company structures, company Law, corporate matters, and Cyprus income tax.