Why Ecigs Are Better For Your Health and Pocket?

There are now countless amazing products available in the market that not only help you stay fit and healthy but also keep you safe from a number of diseases. However, no product is as effective as the electronic cigarettes, which are not only healthy, but also super cheap.

Historically speaking, cigars and cigarettes have been known to have hazardous effects on the body, especially lung cancer and throat infection. However, now things have changed as technology has evolved enormously. No more do people need to take in the smoke of a cigarette to get the required amount of nicotine since they can now rely on e-cigarettes! E-cigarettes use water vapors to transport the nicotine from the cartridges installed within them to your body, hence eliminating the smoke factor altogether. This fact alone makes e-cigarettes one of the most beneficial inventions for smokers all around the world.

But that is not all. For smokers who wish to get off their nicotine addiction, E-cigarettes provide them with such an option to control the Nicotine consumption level! Not everyone likes heavy doses of nicotine which conventional cigarettes give out, so e-cigarettes offer their users the option to choose the level of nicotine which may enter their body. For smokers who are trying to give up smoking altogether, this is an excellent choice, as they can reduce the level of nicotine consumption day by day to a point where they won’t need it at all.

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So then, are E-cigarettes for Non-smokers?

However, all this does not mean e-cigarettes are not for non-smokers and only for those who wish to stop smoking. If you despise the idea of nicotine due to its addictive quality, you can get e-cigarette cartridges available in the market which are nicotine-free; meaning, they will deliver only water vapor and flavor to you without any amount of nicotine at all.

But why should you even consider an e-cigarette? Just for the flavor? The idea of a non-smoker smoking a nicotine-free e-cigarette seems absurd, but there is a reason why many non-smokers at the moment are doing it: Health benefits! That’s right; the health benefits associated with e-cigarettes are so tremendous that using an e-cigarette will actually be very healthy for you.

First of all, the water vapor coming from the e-cigarette soothes the throat, so you will feel very comfortable after smoking an e-cigarette. This is a very helpful feature, especially in the dry season when the throat tends to become very dry and requires some soothing. If you don’t soothe the throat, it may get injured, which is both painful and discomforting.

Second of all, and the most important health benefit, is the connection between e-cigarettes and body weight. Now even though e-cigarettes do not have the magical ability to make you lose weight automatically, they are still a great aid to a person on a diet or on a mission to lose weight. What e-cigarettes do is they suppress your level of hunger, so you may feel satiated for a couple of hours after having a meal. This is a huge advantage for those who are unable to stop themselves from eating whenever they feel hungry, and unfortunately overweight people feel hungry most of the time. Also, e-cigarettes are a great substitute for desserts, as they come in many amazing flavors like apple, strawberry, pineapple etc so that you may enjoy your e-cigarette to a great extent.

The Cost Factor

The cost of e-cigarettes ranges from $12-$200, which, when compared to the cost of cigarettes (around $6.5), is seemingly a huge disadvantage. However, you must understand that the cheapest e-cigarette will last around 2 days for you, whereas a pack of cigarette costing $6.5 might last only one, depending upon your usage. If you are a smoker, getting an e-cigarette under $90 and above $60 is perfect, because it will last a couple of months for you. However 10 packs of conventional cigarettes will cost you $60+, which as you may already have guessed, is quite expensive when compared to e-cigarettes.

This cost factor, combined with the health benefits and no-smoke factor of the e-cigarettes makes e-cigarettes a great choice for both smokers and non-smokers alike.

Steve McCain has a Bachelors degree in medical sciences, specializing in the area of respiratory sciences, from Imperial College, UK, and is a practicing professional in his field. He is also a writer and an advisor for various online forums, and has been praised for his analysis of Phentramin-D.