Why Employees Can Learn Team Building Better Through Activity

Do you want increased productivity and a friendly work environment? If you answered yes to this question, you need to engage your employees in team building activities.
Hope you’re not thinking this is just idle talk. All productive teams working in well-known companies have done this at least once during their careers. After all, you know the quote: “We learn only by doing”. It applies best in this situation.

Theory Is Not Enough

Of course you can sign your employees up to all sorts of theoretic courses about how to work in a team, how to make good decisions, how to manage your time, how to get along well with your peers and so on. But this alone, won’t do anything except burdening your employees with extra tasks and additional material to learn just like when they were in school.
I doubt that there will be many people willing to study for hours (apart from the ones when they are actually going to work of course) and attend exams. Besides, many people have no idea about what in-depth learning is. They simply go with the old ineffective way of rote learning just to take the exam and move on. This method doesn’t involve understanding what they’re reading, so we can’t talk about putting the theory into practice.
Assuming that they will understand what they read and that they have a genuine interest in learning (this is pretty rare though), some of those who understand the material will have difficulties when it comes to using their knowledge on a day to day basis.

Laser Tag – An Effective Approach To Team Building

On the other hand, when people engage in activities, they are learning by doing. They are not being examined, they don’t have to stay still in one place to just read and reread lots of pages. They simply do. They work in teams and they are getting to know each other. They are actually developing those skills required to feel at ease with each other, to be friendly with clients and to take responsibility for their actions.
Laser tag involves that every team has a leader who has to come up with a strategy after consulting with all the team members. This means that your employees will need to reach a consensus and work together toward the same result. The keywords here are “consensus” and “together” because they refer to the principles of unity and communication.
Apart from that, laser tag games require that the players come up with instant solutions to overcome unexpected obstacles. In other words, your employees will develop problem solving skills and also creative thinking.
Daniel Ward knows the importance that team building activities can have on company morale. He writes on behalf of Hard Knocks – Orlando’s best team building alternative.