Why Fabric Structure Is An Effective Enclosure

In the construction industry, membrane structures are gaining popularity as the only reliable material that can create a durable enclosure.


The selling point of these structures is their lightweight. Therefore, they are portable and easy to relocate. This means that they can be made at a different site and set up in another without the use of a lot of energy. They are applicable as both temporary and permanent structures. As temporary structures, these are the most recommended solution to all-weather enclosure needs.

Most of the outdoor projects that are commonly engaged in suffer because of the lack durable shelter that can withstand all weather conditions. However, with the fabric structures, these projects will no longer suffer! They are an effective source of shelter that keeps guests dry, allows work crew to continue with their work with minimal interruptions while protecting the tools and equipment from the elements of bad weather. With the high light transmittance of the material, it provides an outdoors feel to the internal, thereby ruling out the need for artificial lighting during the day.


The material is made from tension technology that makes it strong while giving it the ability to span over long distances. Most of the upcoming projects that are utilizing these fabrics are large and are made to accommodate large numbers of people. They are also secure enough to provide a safely enclosed area for events, projects or storage. Due to the strength they offer, they are durable structures that will remain in a good condition for years.
Moreover, due to their portability, they are applicable in both long term and short-term projects. A fabric structure can be easily lifted with a crane and taken to the proposed project site. For small occasions like weddings, the structure does not need to be brought down in case of unexpected weather changes. They can withstand both hot and rainy conditions without extra reinforcement! In short, this is a structure that provides one with all the protection needed for a successful event or project.


There are many advantages that accrue from the use of fabric structures. These advantages have made the structures to be more appealing than other portable shelters. Fabric structures are made from strong aluminum frames and tensioned membrane that provides an all weather enclosure that is ideal for a wide range of uses. The structure is also unique because it can withstand up to 80MPH winds. Therefore, there is no need to pull the structure down in case of strong winds. The structure also supports a large number of accessories that cannot be installed in structures made from simple air domes.
The structures use aluminum instead of steel. This makes them a lot lighter and therefore saves up on the shipping and transportation costs. The structures are today gaining more and more usage in the construction industry. The most commonly used areas are in churches, recreation facilities, military applications, aviation and sports facilities. The construction of these facilities can take up any shape because of the materials span capability. Therefore, we are bound to see more and more unique designs of structures coming up!
Vector Foiltec invented the use of Texlon, and have developed the use of this innovative technology worldwide in the design and constructive industry. They use membrane structures when developing roofs for stadiums, offices, transport buildings etc.

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