Why Families Are Turning To Cremation

Increasingly more families are now looking at cremation as a way to say goodbye to a loved one. No more is cremation seen as a barbaric way to say goodbye, it is now seen as a respectable and far more affordable option than burial.

Traditional burial costs have risen dramatically over the last ten years or so and for the average family paying for a burial service is just far too expensive. Combine this with the annual maintenance fee for the upkeep of the burial plot and a traditional burial is nowadays just far too costly.

Cremation services however can start from as little as €500 which in today’s economic climate is far more preferable for most families to afford. If you wish to incorporate a memorial service then costs will rise to approximately €2500 or thereabouts. When you compare this price to a burial service which can exceed $10.000 it is no wonder cremation rates are rising each and every year.

For many families cremation is far more personal and meaningful than a burial and the option of being able to keep a loved one’s ashes at home following their death is said to help families get over their loss far quicker. You can buy an urn to store the ashes in or if you prefer cremation jewellery is also now available including lockets and rings which hold a small amount of the remains.

Another option when it comes to remains is dispersing them in a favoured place of the deceased. Many people travel abroad to a favourite location of the deceased and with other members of the family scatter their loved ones ashes. A favourite mountain or lake may also be an option but it may be necessary to seek permission for some locations first.

With cremation working out so much cheaper than a traditional burial, more and more families are now turning to cremation instead of burials when they lose a loved one. Funeral homes around the country now offer a variety of cremation services to suit every family’s needs and budget and now provide a wide range of different locations for the service to be held at.

So if you have recently lost a loved one and have been left with the organisation and financing of their funeral service why not take a look at cremation as a cheaper alternative to a traditional burial service.

Here at Toronto cremation services we provide families with all the information and resources they need to know about arranging a cremation service for a loved one.