Why Gemini Matters To You, When You Are Not A Gemini

Bottom line: You have all the energies of the Zodiac within you.
They are all a part of you. And they show up everywhere in your life. So Gemini matters to you no matter what your Sun Sign is. The Sun, Moon and planets focus and amplify the energies of the Zodiac and add their own energy.

The total effect is the energy you “inherited” at birth. You are not just your Sun sign. Yet the Sun is vital. It is the core. It provides 70% of the energy you receive. Like a King, it holds the center and organizes the rest of your energies.
But it all happens in the context of 12 energies, the Zodiac. You want all the 12 zodiac energies to be alive in you. So when you meet a Gemini, their core energy highly activates the Gemini in you. And Gemini is important when you feel the need to connect with your true potential. That is its focus.
How connected you are to your true potential will show up here:
Aries: In the way you think and communicate.
Taurus: In your feelings, resources and values.
Gemini: In the way you live your life.
Cancer: In the ways you help others.
Leo: In the ways you share and live your ideals.
Virgo: In your goals and the way you achieve them.
Libra: In your willingness to expand your mind and horizons.
Scorpio: In how you do business, negotiate, heal and share with others.
Sagittarius: In the quality of your relationships.
Capricorn: In how you handle your day to day life.
Aquarius: In your willingness to be creative and enjoy life.
Pisces: In how you take care of yourself and those you love.
Use this as objective feedback. Do not use it to judge yourself. You need to connect to you true potential, no matter how well or poorly you have been doing. Look closely at the area of your life your Sun Sign indicates.
Its quality will give you valuable feedback on your connection to your true potential. No matter how good it seems, it will show you how to make this connection more real. If it is not good, then you need to stop and make changes. Not because I said so, but because this is a wise investment in your future. The list above indicates where to start.
For example, a Sagittarian needs to focus on relationships. A Cancer would focus on helping others, a Capricorn on their day to day life. Start to experience each day as a fresh chance to serve something greater than yourself. Focus on sharing what you truly think and feel with others. This will bring out what is good, true and beautiful within you. That is your true potential. That is what Gemini is within you. It is what a Gemini in your life can bring out of you.
Christopher Power is an international Astrologer, he is writing regularly at www.your-zodiac-love-compatibility.com. Learn more about Gemini sign by browsing his site