Why Is A Good Logo Important For A Business

Your logo is the initial representation of your company, it is the logo that ‘speaks’ to any potential clients or customers before they’ve even walked through the door. Your logo tells clients whether you are professional, trustworthy and reliable. It makes a suggestion about how good your service is and how well you work with your clients. Your company’s logo is the initial presentation of your company and it is this presentation along with the way that you present the company that will ultimately win over a client’s trust and get them on board.

The main thing that will dictate a company’s success will be the quality of the service that they deliver. However, the image of a company also reveals a lot; your logo will give your clients a lot of ideas about your business.

Firstly they will already have an assumption about whether or not you are professional; your logo will tell them whether or not your care about the business – if you care about the business you’ll care about the clients and vice versa; they’ll know before they walk through the door whether you know what you’re doing and they’ll also know whether they can trust you. So, considering a logo can tell people so much about your company, you may be wondering what makes a good logo.

A good logo is ultimately one of colour, great design and professionalism. A logo can be simple or it can be a work of art, it can be black and white or every colour of the rainbow; it doesn’t really matter it’s about personal choice and the main purpose is to create a unique image that is recognisable and memorable to the public.

Colours are an important choice when it comes to a logo and the colours that you choose should depend on the business sector of your company. Fast food restaurants for example tend to choose bright colours such as red, blue, orange and yellow whereas banks usually choose a mellower range of colours such as gold, black, blue, white and red. Because of the way that colours are combined in business when people see a selection of colours they will automatically associate them with a certain type of business.

Professionalism is also important so smooth lines and curves in the text will create a much better image than jagged edges and text that’s unreadable. Depending on the business, jagged edges may be appropriate, but if the sign is illegible it will have a negative effect on the business all round.

One of the main things to remember when deciding on a final design for your logo is to think about how you would view it if you were a potential client. If it is clean, smooth and clear than it will make a much better impression than something that’s dark, small and indecipherable.

This article was written by Oliver Jones who works in brand design; the article was written on behalf of www.logodesign.co.uk/.