Why Is Greece Ideal For City Breaks?

Visiting the Cities

If you mention the prospect of a Greek city holiday to most people they will talk about visiting archaeological ruins and other places such as museums and libraries. Although these are definitely must see elements of this historic country, they are really only a part of the complete picture. Can you really enjoy a city just by seeing its sights, or is discovering the true beauty of a place about immersing yourself in the culture, trying out the local cuisine, talking to the regular customers in a town centre pub and playing a Greek musical instrument?

Even just talking a brief walk around the city centre or through the suburbs of many Greek cities offers exciting possibilities, and opens your eyes to a whole new world if your previous thoughts and knowledge of Greece extended no further than the typical Westernised resorts we regularly see being given a bad press.
Having been a giant of the sun, sea, and nightlife scene for many years, how has Greece also evolved to become a force to be reckoned with in the city tourism sector, too, with Athens, Thessaloniki, and Patras being three of the most loved mainland cities in the country?


What many people do not realise is that the climate of Greece, especially during spring, is actually quite mild. This makes wandering around cities extremely tolerable and easy to do, with temperatures so manageable that you do not feel the need to dive into a swimming pool or the sea.


A city break to Greece offers the opportunity to experience day-to-day life on the mainland while also being close to some stunning scenery. Whether it is snowy mountain ranges, national parks or lush countryside, picturesque landscapes are never more than an hour or two’s drive away, wherever you are.

Hotels and Shopping

The attractions in the cities themselves are also second to none. All of the major city resorts in Greece have at least a handful of top class hotels, with many of the world’s leading hotel chains featuring prominently throughout the country. In addition to these brands you can be sure to trust, there are excellent opportunities for experiencing a unique nightlife as well as superb shopping outlets. Athens in particular has been likened to cities such as New York and Paris when it comes to the shopping and cultural opportunities on offer.
When considering Greece as a destination for your next holiday, look further than the well beaten track that leads to traditional holiday resorts, and look for something a little different.
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