Why Is It Important To Be Registered To Work As Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy technician as the name itself specifies that these technicians work under supervision of licensed pharmacists. Now the common question that arises, is it really required to be registered in order to start the career as pharmacy technician. If you are aware of the importance of this registration then you will definitely look for the process to get this registration.
Before knowing the importance of registration as per state rules let us have a look at the responsibilities of pharmacy technician. We have already read that pharmacy technician is the individual who will be working under licensed pharmacist and they will be involved in technical functions that are involved in pharmacy and they will help the pharmacist to give proper pharmaceutical care for the patient.  Pharmacist will be responsible for activities that are performed by pharmacy technician. All the pharmacy technicians as well as the individuals who are under training of pharmacy technician need to get registered with their board of authority. This can be done through submission of registration form within 30 days from date of employment as certified pharmacy technician or trainee. If an individual does not register then they will be subject to the disciplinary actions.

Every pharmacy technician who has been registered and has an experience of 2000 hours as a technician before the renewal time will be eligible for extending their dead line for the national certification. The pharmacist technician should abide to all rules related to the hours and length of employment. The pharmacist who has provided the employment to pharmacy technician should even certify to the affidavit that is related to this hours of employment. The affidavit that is given should be submitted at the time of renewal of registration. Generally this registration will be valid for 18 months. This registration certification will ensure that the pharmacy technician is not certified by national board. The individual who gets qualified for the extension period should get this national certification immediately.

The individual who got enrolled into the technician training program or the one that has not attained previous experience as a pharmacy technician must get registered as a trainee within 30 days of starting date of employment. As a trainee you must be certified by the national board within 12 months of starting date of training or employment. If the pharmacy technician is unable to attain the certification then they should discontinue from this profession of pharmacy technician.

Generally the registration process for the pharmacy technician will vary from one state to another. Almost all the states require you to get registered as certified pharmacy technician before you start your career as pharmacy technician. For getting registered there will be some fee and examination. Successful completion of certification exam can help them to get certification.

Let us see some of the eligibility requirements for registration as pharmacy technician in New Jersey State:

  • Individual must be possess minimum 18 years
  • Should hold high school diploma as an educational qualification or its equivalent
  • Should be proficient in speaking and writing English
  • Individual must submit the application form with registration fees.
  • Most schools require you to undergo criminal history check

These are some of the eligibility criteria that should be satisfied by the individual who is applying for the registration as pharmacy technician. These requirements may differ to another state but the age and educational considerations will almost be similar for all the states. This registration is quite important to continue your career as pharmacy technician and within given period of time you should even attain certification to have better employment opportunities.

As a pharmacy technician you will be involved in several tasks and in the absence of the licensed pharmacist you need to accomplish all the responsibilities of pharmacist. This requires you to stay alert and at the same time you need to possess good technical skills as well as communication skills to have better growth in this career. With the educational requirements, training, registration and certification you should even have dedication towards your work to have a stable career. You have huge employment opportunities but the only thing is to get eligible for that position.

These registration procedures are given by an expert pharmacist, Jason Holmes who personally got registered as Pharmacy technician. You need to take pharmacy technician practice test regulalry.All the information given by him holds reliability and will be helpful for the aspirants who are looking to get registered.

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