Why Is It Important To Renovate Your Storefront


Anyone in retail business knows the value of a clean, unusual and attractive storefront. The exterior should make it clear what you’re selling and offering to your customers. Storefront can tell the story of your business to people on the street. It can either invite people in or scare them off. What are the secrets of an attractive entrance area? Keep on reading to find out more.

Your customers will get their first expression from the exterior of your shop. People will decide if they want to come to your store or keep on walking. Your storefront should grab attention and showcase the products that you offer. It should motivate people to open the door and walk in. Your success is in the details. Visually appealing store will attract more customers than an outdated and behind the times storefront.

Tips to Consider when you decide to Renovate your Storefront

  • Use your store windows to advertise promotional offers, discounted or new items. Don’t forget to update your messages on a regular basis; you don’t want your customers to think that your store has nothing new.
  • Walk into the store as if you’re a potential customer. Do you like the displays and the windows? Do you like the exterior and the signage? If not, you should consider making the necessary changes.
  • You need to think about the exterior improvements before you start renovating the interior. When was the last time you updated your signage? If you cannot answer this question or simply don’t remember you definitely would need to update it. Would you go to a spa place that has a signage that looks as though it was created in 1980s? I doubt that. The same logic applies to your store.
  • Well-lit entrance and storefront are also important. Avoid any tacky and outdated styles; choose something modern, simple and clean. Your announcements should be easy to read, whereas your windows should always be clean.
  • Don’t forget to replace all the burned-out light bulbs. Your store should look attractive at all times. At the same time, it shouldn’t look sterile and cold.
  • When your customers enter the store, they should feel welcomed. Friendly staff and pleasant lighting would create a positive atmosphere. Keep your store warm during the winter and cool during the summer, this way people will feel comfortable indoors. They will be willing to check your store before they decide to leave.
  • Just don’t go overboard with your design innovations. Your storefront shouldn’t turn into a work of art that everyone is afraid to ruin. Consider outdoor banners for any specials or new products and services. The displays should invite people in and encourage them to try your products.
  • You should work closely with your staff. People who work in your store should be friendly and polite with the customers. Consider their opinions when you decide to renovate the store. Your staff may surprise you with brilliant ideas.
  • Every little detail is important. An accurate storefront is like a façade of your business. Organized and clean exterior would attract more customers than an old and outdated design. Don’t forget to experiment and try something new.