Why It Is Difficult To Maintain Designer Synthic Raw Silk Saree

Life presents before us numerous reasons to rejoice and celebrate different small and big occasions and gifts form an integral part of the every celebration. Whether you are celebrating your anniversary or birthday or mother’s day or any other occasions, silk sarees are an eternal gift item that is an all-time favorite of all Indian women. The rich fabric, beautiful colors and awesome designs of the synthetic raw silk sarees have also made a mass appeal before the global clients and the overseas clients are also buying sarees online. However, maintaining a silk saree is quite difficult. The owner needs to devote quality time for preserving them nicely so that it remains as good as new even a long span of time.

In most Indian women’s closet, we are going to find at least two to three varieties of designer synthetic raw silk saree. Therefore with the endeavor of helping them to maintain their pricey sarees properly, we have shared some useful tips that will make this difficult task really simple:

Washing : 

Do not wash any of your raw silk sarees with normal detergent or even with the milder ones that are used for washing woolens. The chemicals present in such detergent will totally damage the color as well as the rich material of the saree. The fabric of the raw silk sarees is very sophisticated and thereby only dry cleaning method can be used for removing stains or for cleaning them after wearing it for once or at the most twice. So, the process of maintaining the synthetic raw silk sarees is expensive and difficult.

Storing :

If you want to maintain the look and beauty of the raw silk sarees, then you need to store each and every one of them with care. These sarees can be best preserved by properly wrapping them in fine thin cotton fabric called ‘malmal’ or a muslin cloth. If you have worn a silk saree for only once and do not want to give to the dry cleaners right now, you must keep it separately from the fresh and clean silk sarees. Spread insect repellent in the closet containing silk sarees to keep the harmful insects away. Since the silk fabric is extremely delicate make sure to use only good quality insect repellents or else the fabric of the cloth will be adversely affected.

Removing Stains : 

The more we try to safeguard our saree from different kinds of stains, they become all the more prone to it. Some of the most common stains are from ink, perspiration, lipsticks, nail paints, oily products or stains from protein materials like meat, egg, blood and such other things. For removing these stains different kinds of procedure have to be used. Lipstick and protein stains can be best treated by cold water and a little amount of gentle soap. If the stain is caused by accidental falling of oily curries on your sarees, then pour some talcum powder on it and rub it well. Thereafter, squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on it to remove the stains instantaneously. Therefore, it is important to first identify the stain, understand what has caused it and then take some concrete steps to remove it.

Maintaining a designer synthetic raw silk saree is quite difficult because fabric is very delicate and a slight mishandling will destroy the look of the entire saree. So whether you are buy sarees online or from the brick and mortar store, do not forget to get some expert tips from the retailers with regard to preservation of the same.