Why More People Are Moving To Houston, TX

Something is happening in Houston, Texas. Over one million people have moved there in the last decade, and the trend shows no sign of reversal. Is there any one aspect of life in Houston that draws people from near and far? Or are there a number of factors that, combined, make Houston irresistible? The answer, it would seem, is “both.”


Housing is inexpensive here, especially when compared to traditional population centers like New York and Los Angeles. A new home on a sizable lot, with good-sized rooms and a full range of amenities, will cost one-half to one-third as much as an older, smaller home in those cities. While the last four years have been brutal on real estate values in former boom towns like Las Vegas and Phoenix, Houston’s housing market has remained steady, avoiding both inflation and collapse.


Facts and figures say it best. Houston’s unemployment rate of 7.6 is almost a full percentage point below the nation’s as a whole. While recent job growth around the country has come in at an anemic .35%, Houston is roaring ahead with a growth rate of 1.93%. Low energy prices and no state income tax make the Lone Star State even more appealing to high earners and those who plan to be.

Professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, CPAs and engineers, make up 20% of Houston’s population, or one out of every five people. As these individuals join companies and practices, or start their own, they create sales and office jobs, the single largest demographic in the area at 26%. Houston’s business climate deemphasizes regulation and taxation, thus encouraging both fledgling and established companies to flee the interfering, busybody states.


It’s not all about Stetsons and boots. In fact, while Rust Belt cities like Cleveland and Detroit have disbanded their symphony orchestras and shuttered museums, Houston keeps expanding its venues for music and art.

Houston is friendly. Neighbors talk to each other. Acceptance and rejection don’t hang upon the brand of your car or the name on your handbag. Core values of honesty, faith, and love of country aren’t punch lines around here. As a U.S. city with one of the youngest populations, Houston is an ideal place to raise a family.


For more and more smart, sensible folks, Houston is the place to be. Quality housing at lower prices, jobs and a thriving economy, and people who mean it when they ask, “How are you?” are driving this tilt toward the Gulf’s western shores. Those who contemplate the move may rest assured that, once they’ve arrived, they too will become proud Houstonians.

Peter Wendt is a writer and researcher with family in Houston, TX. Wendt enjoys sharing his knowledge of the city and recommends Urban Leasing for residents looking for Inner Loop houses for rent in Houston.