Why Move to the Costa Blanca, Spain

The Costa Blanca is one of Spain’s top tourist destinations. This is because it has something to please everyone. It has over 160km of stunning coastline and its seaside resorts are many and varied. They can range from bustling and vibrant with a non-stop party atmosphere to an unspoilt area that is still the same as it was many years ago.

The Costa Blanca isn’t all action packed, it is breath-taking beautiful and a paradise for hikers, climbers and nature lovers. Its average temperature ranges from 16c in the winter to 32c in the summer. The sun shines most days and the sea temperature in the height of summer is 24 to 25 degrees.

The Costa Blanca has many good 18hole golf courses, and also offers bowling and a huge range of both water and land based sports.

Many of the biggest tourist attractions are to be found in Benidorm. It is here you will find theme parks, water parks, wildlife parks and cabaret shows.

You will not be disappointed in finding plenty of varied places to eat. There is every kind of eating establishment you could hope for. If you want to savour a typical Spanish restaurant you would be better to try the restaurants and bars off the main tourist streets. There you are more likely to get excellent value for money and something a bit more traditional. It is always best to eat where the locals eat.

One of the most famous Spanish dishes is Paella. This is thought to have originated in Valencia. The poor people of Valencia would combine home grown veg with perhaps rabbit and rice to make a cheap and nutritious meal. As time has gone by the recipe has grown and has been added to, to make the popular dish we have now. Nowadays we have a much more sophisticated dish containing chicken, prawns and mussels. You will see many sellers of Paella on street corners and on the seafront. They offer a fairly cheap tasty meal using fresh ingredients.

Getting around the Costa Blanca is very easy. Roads are very quiet and car hire is cheap. If you do not wish to drive most places in the Costa Blanca run excellent bus or train services making it very easy to see plenty of this wonderful part of Spain.

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