Why Not Transform Your Current Home Into Your Dream Home?

Maybe you can not afford to go out and buy your dream home, but why should that stop you from having it? Why can you not transform your current home into your dream home? It may sound impossible, but a lot of people have done it. You just have to know what you want in your dream home and be persistent about getting it.
First, you need to evaluate your current house. What do you not like about it? What would have to change? Compare the list of possible changes with your wish list for your dream home. If there is significant overlap between the two lists, it is definitely possible. Some of the more common changes include adding additions, remodeling the kitchen, putting in a pool, giving the house a facelift and adding some curb appeal.

Add an Addition
The biggest complaint most homeowners have about their current house is lack of space. If this is your primary problem, consider building an addition. Building on or expanding a family room, a master suite or the kitchen will be much less expensive than buying a new house. You can also consider finishing out the attic or the basement.
Remodel the Kitchen
A drab kitchen should not stop you from making your house into your dream home. The kitchen is the easiest room in the house to fix. You may not even need to do a total makeover; sometimes a little updating and some new appliances is all you need. If you really do not like your kitchen, gutting it is probably the best option. This will allow you to completely change the layout and select new cabinets, countertops and lighting. Even if your current kitchen is too small, you can almost always expand it by knocking down walls or changing the layout of the rest of the house.
Put in a Pool
So you want a pool but do not currently have one? Consider putting one in before you call the real estate agent. Yes, your backyard will be torn up for a bit, but when the pool is done, you will have your private retreat without the hassle of moving. Furthermore, you can customize your pool, a bonus you would not available if you were buying another house.
Give the House a Facelift
Sometimes all that is needed to improve a house is a bit of a makeover. Start by repainting, then change the floors and pick out some new light fixtures. You will have your current home looking fabulous in no time.
Add Some Curb Appeal
Even the most wonderful home will suffer if it looks bad on the outside. Spruce it up to make it look more like your dream home. Large stretches of perfectly manicured lawn are boring, so plant some trees and add some landscaping. Put in a walkway from the drive or the sidewalk to your front door. Repaint your porch and add a few containers of potted plants. Put in a pond, birdbath or other form of ornamentation. The possibilities are infinite.
You can transform your current home into your dream home. It just requires a bit of imagination and the willingness to do the work!
Kitchen http://www.flickr.com/photos/info_grrl/5215021080/
Exterior http://www.flickr.com/photos/michiganmoves/3492118913/
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