Why Now Is The Best Time To Give Your Porch A Makeover

Your front porch is not just the gate that lets you into your home. The fact is that the porch is going to be the first thing that people notice about your home and, with warmer weather here, now is the perfect time to give it a makeover. Instead of having your porch as a simple entry, liven it up so that you and your family and friends can use it to relax. Imagine yourself sitting on your porch under one of your many throw blankets and listening to the windchimes on a warm summer evening. Truthfully, nothing could be more enjoyable than that!

Your first step to a porch makeover is to plan out your design on paper. Graph paper will work best as it will allow you to design using the correct dimensions. Draw the space on the paper and add in anything that is not removable. Once you have the basic drawing, you are ready to go.

The one thing you should always do is start with the paint. The one thing to remember is that your porch should state who you are and be a representation of the things you like. Using the already existing colors of your home’s exterior, you will want to find one that matches. A quick trip to the home improvement store will show you exactly what your options are for painting your porch.

If you love bright colors, you may be tempted to paint the porch in them. However, unless the rest of the home is done in these bright colors, the end result would be over-the-top. Instead, you can always paint the porch a neutral color and use accessories, like windchimes and throw blankets, to bring in the color.

Next, you will want to think about how you are going to furnish your porch. The key is to create a balance of furniture with the available space. Putting too much furniture on the porch will give it a cluttered appearance, which will not exactly make it conducive to relaxing. On the other hand, too little furniture will make it appear empty and cold. Make sure you have different seating options and you can then use other items, such as plant stands and small tables to fill in the gaps. Again, if you have gone for neutral colors in painting your porch, you can bring out the color in the furnishings you choose.

To give your porch a finished look, consider your accessories very carefully. Hanging plants are the perfect way to finish off, but be sure they are being hung in places that are not in the way of people walking. Of course, this is the same for any windchimes you add into your décor.

Imagine yourself curled up on a nice chair on your porch. A soft breeze stirs the air and one of your many throw blankets is on your lap. Friends and family have gathered here with you to enjoy the evening. This is what you could be doing when you choose to give your porch a makeover. The fact is that your porch is not just an entry; your porch should be used as additional living space for your home. Giving it a quick makeover can make all the difference for you and your family.

Judy Weathers is an interior decorator and enjoys blogging. She writes design tips and advice for blogs and Collections products.