Why People Are Reluctant In Saying Sorry?

The simple three words…..I am Sorry, but they are sometimes the toughest one. Although it is being taught to us from childhood to share, say sorry first and admit our mistakes, but as we grow up we forget our basic norms. The majority of the time the blame goes to ‘ego’. Then the truth is revealed that it’s not always an ego. Hesitating to say sorry involves different feelings and emotions at different times. It depends on the situation and relationship.

It became almost impossible to patch up the situation when both parties show stubbornness. Although we might perceive the reluctance of these non-apologists as simple defensiveness or pride, often a far deeper psychological dynamic is at play: Refusing to apologize often reflects efforts to protect a fragile sense of self.

The willingness to say sorry varies with the relationship. A person might say sorry without any reluctance to their boss, but never willing to accept their fault in front of her wife. He fights with their colleagues that he is right and not willing to say sorry, but might say sorry on the spot to the police when breaks a traffic rule.

The stubbiness in case of saying sorry arrives when we find that the other party is lower or just equal to their standard or level. If the non-apologizer find the other party is high in power or status, then the apology comes very easily.

The act of not saying sorry also seems to be a threat to the basic sense of identity to the non-apologizer. As they find saying sorry or admitting I am wrong is a contradiction of what he say and what he do. Admitting that a person was wrong also shows that other person admit that he is bad, selfish, non-corporative stupid or ignorant.

In actual saying sorry is a big act which shows that a person is giving more importance to the relationship rather than ego and self-praising. It opens the doors to a strong and life long relationship. If saying face to face is difficult, one can make next day flower delivery UK with an apology note. Or send, a gift cake, chocolates etc. just as a token of love.

Whenever one face a time when saying sorry seems difficult. Just keep in mind thing, it is not staying stubborn that make anyone big or small but saying sorry defiantly do. Give importance to relationships. They are precious.