Why Promotional Bags Are More Popular Than You Think

Whether you are a non profit organisation, SME, multinational conglomerate or a sole trader there will be one thing you all have in common – the need for brand awareness throughout your individual demographics.

Historically you will have achieved this through targeted marketing campaigns to ensure your brand awareness was focused at the correct customer groups. Although this is a tried and tested method this does have its drawbacks. Often your customer focus will be wide reaching meaning either campaigns will try to target an audience that is too wide which can result in your brand ethos becoming diluted or you will need to produce multiple market campaigns which will be highly expensive in terms of both time and money.

Popularity of promotional bags

So how does this issue fit with the popularity of ‘Promotional Bags’? Well these particular items which were once just found inside trade exhibitions and business conferences have managed to make their way into our environmentally conscious society. Take a walk down any high street in any town and you will see almost every store or supermarket selling their own branded promotional and usually re-useable bags. One of the reasons the popularity of these bags has risen to such a great height is because as a modern society we are constantly reminded to be ‘green’ and to not commit crimes against the environment by using the commoner plastic carrier bag! Therefore reusable bags are currently booming and this is where corporate branding and environmental awareness go hand in hand. Take advantage of the promotional bag explosion and your logo is suddenly projected into a plethora of places where it would never have been possible to be seen in the past through usual marketing campaigns.

Supplying these promotional bags to your customers is a great way to get your company name and logo seen and being savvy with the styles provided to your individual customer groups (by matching the bag styles to thier age/ social groups) will add to the amount of exposure your branding will get. There are many styles of bags on offer which increases the range of customers you can distribute to.
The styles range from cotton recycled multi purpose bags, drawstring sports bags, shopping bags, cool bags, travel bags or business and student laptop bags.

Remember that when your customers begin to experience a personal connection with your company and truly feel appreciative of a gift they have received, you begin to build an emotional connection with them. Once this happens your ‘logo’ is no longer just a ‘logo’ to your customer it becomes a ‘love-mark’. When this this occurs that your your customers will consider staying loyal to you, recommend it to others and feel proud to advertise your brand. What better way to acheive this than through the distribution of promotional bags.

Practical and good for the environment

So, promotional bags are popular with the public for their practicality and environmental benefits and are popular with organsations as they are an excellent way of extending thier marketing campaign. Promotional bags are proven to be great value for money and provide a better ROI for marketing than many other advertising mediums. The benefits continue in distribution as they are easily posted, can be sold or provided free of charge at your point of sale counters or simply handed out at exhibitions.

The bags are always available in a range of styles and colours to match your company’s logo and can be produced in full colour digital print. So joining this growing trend could prove a valuable source of marketing for your compnay ensuring your brand name is visible in places your usual campaign can not reach.

Guest Post by Vivienne Ollis – Professional blogger for Bag Store the promotional bags company

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