Why Same Sex Child Custody Lawyer Is Required?

Why Same Sex Child Custody Lawyer Is Required?

Breaking up or ending a relationship is always traumatic especially for same sex couples ad mostly they do not even have supporting friends, family members, relatives or neighbors like heterosexual couples have. Homosexual couples are not welcome in several places over the world. All of these issues play major role while dealing with the child custody and visitation rights for same sex couples. Gay and lesbian couples are unable to end their marriage in family courts if they live in such a place where their relationship is not legally approved. The only way to eliminate confusion is to hire same sex child custody lawyer for better guidance.

This scenario leaves them only with one single option which is file a petition in general civil court where same sex couples have to represent their case in front of judges who are not even specialized in family matters but have knowledge about business and contract law. Therefore, as you can imagine, the case will be treated as the dissolution of partnership. In this case, it will definitely affect the kids involved with the same sex couples as child custody, support and visitation rights cannot be brought up as an issue before general civil court as children cannot be divided as property unless the presence of pre-agreement between partners are available on the issues of custody and visitation.

What to Do

Most of the time, gay and lesbian couples are left to their own devices as divorce court is not even applicable for them in several places. If the parties are unable to sort out the issues with amicable agreement regarding how they will relate to their kids after separation, they will have to go for an alternative dispute resolution method like mediation by same sex child custody lawyer. This is only way out for same sex couples where they can resolve their child custody issues and dissolve their marriage with legal help. In most of the places, same sex marriages or divorces tend to be handled on a case by case basis. In these cases, the judges will decide what will be the best option for each particular issue of the case. However, this method creates another dilemma as the ample discretion left to the legal authority might lead to unfair decision and the possibility of conflicting results are quite high.

Kids of same sex couples become more affected by the divorce of their parents unlike the kids or heterosexual couples as in such cases, children of same sex couple do not have any support group where they can find solace during the period of divorce. Initially, the children of gay and lesbian parents need to go through the adaptation procedure where they have to deal with the society that mostly does not accept same sex parents. This is why; children of same sex parents might become vulnerable at times. The best part to avoid such negative impact on kids’ mind is to hire same sex child custody lawyer to settle the case and issues between the spouses without creating much fuss about it.

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