Why Select Thai Cuisine in Restaurants

Thai food originated from Thailand, and today, it is favored all around the world due to its distinct and pungent flavors. The aromatic smell of the spices and the richness of greens and herbs makes it the exclusive best Thai food restaurant.

Now people are more careful about their health and diet, and Thai cuisine seems to be one of the best healthy options with awesome tastes & flavors on a visit to the restaurant.

Why Thai Cuisine

  • Thai cuisine is considered to be healthy because of a variety of aromatic spices, delectable herbs, mixed vegetables, fresh fruits, different species of fish and meat, and many more healthy edible items.
  • The preparation is easy, and in a quick time, they present on your table. Most of the simply Thai pacific commons are earlier marinated and pre-cooked. Mostly sauces and fresh veggies are added before offering the cuisine.
  • The way Thai cuisine preparation is healthy; therefore, the essential nutrients are preserved in it. The various components of spices used are beneficial for gastro-ailments and obesity.

Essential Ingredients of Thai Cooking

 Knowing what you are eating is better. At least, you are aware of the real ingredients used in the cuisine preparation, and it does not leave you guilty if you had it in full.

  • Fish Sauce is a common condiment is fish sauce prepared from fermented fish and salt. It is high in sodium, so it is used sparingly in the dishes.
  • Curry Paste – Thai curries are generously available in green and red color, and it is used profusely. It constitutes of dried red chilies, fresh green chilies, and galangal, lemongrass, and coriander roots. It is available in a package, or it is cooked.
  • Vinegar is widely used in rice cuisines, noodles, chicken, dressings and many more. Alternative cider vinegar is used.
  • Rice – Typical varieties of rice are used in Thai cuisines such as sticky rice, black and brown rice, and numerous types of cuisines are prepared out of it.
  • Fresh herbs are integral to simply Thai pacific commons, and it adds a distinctive flavor.
  • Coconut Milk is profusely used in Thai curries adding unique flavor to the dish. Fresh or canned coconut milk is used.
  • Limes are used in grilled dishes to uplift the taste, and lime leaves are used in recipes and curries.

You will find distinctive tastes are added to Thai gourmets to make it lip-smacking and delicious. The best part is all are part and parcel of nature; nothing artificial and synthetic is used.

National Food of Thai Cuisine

Pad Thai is the national food of Thai cuisine prepared with rehydrated dried rice noodles. It is stir-fried with different edible varieties of greens, peas, eggs, and meat accompanied by aromatic herbs. The distinguishing thing about Thai cuisine is that they carry the tastes of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy. It is the typical street food in Thailand and is liked by the crowd.

What to Try in Thai

  1. Tom Yum Goong – spicy soup is a traditional Thai soup prepared from shrimp, mushrooms, meat pieces, lime, cilantro, and many more. It is served in a large bowl over a charcoal burner, and it tickles the taste buds.
  2. Laap – seasoned minced meat is prepared with seasoned minced meat, fish sauces, herbs, seasoned lime juice, and rice powder. It is eaten either with steamed or sticky rice.
  3. Yam Talay – Spicy Seafood Salad is a mixed seafood salad, glass noodles, and generous fusion of onions and tomatoes.

There are varieties; choose one if you wish to explore else try the impressive and exclusive best Thai food restaurant.