Why Should You Consider A CCTV Drain Survey?

CCTV drain surveys are a new way to investigate drainage problems. These surveys provide detailed video footage from within the drains, allowing professionals to identify any problem or blockages. If you think you may have a blockage or any other drain or sewer problem or even if you just want to save yourself the hassle in the future, then a CCTV drain survey is definitely for you.

A CCTV drain survey works by sending a small CCTV camera from the access point of the pipes all the way through; sometimes they will be mounted on wheels in order to ensure a better view and overall result.

Using a CCTV camera allows the operator to monitor the screen and assess the images as they are presented. The fact that the camera is small means that if there is any significant damage then it won’t be made any worse, whereas the presence of a human may do. It also means that the source of the problem can be found more easily and an assessment of the condition of the pipes can be carried out.

So, other than the obvious, what are the advantages of CCTV drain surveys? In the past it has been proven a hard task to identify the source of drain problems. Usually they would just try to flush out the entire drain and hope that the problem would be removed. The advances in CCTV technology means that the exact problem can be identified and removed and at the same time the condition of the drains or sewers themselves can also be assessed. Many of the companies that offer this service will also transfer their findings onto a DVD format so that you can take a look yourself.

Clear drains are essential for any business as businesses have to undergo regular inspections to ensure that their environmental systems are in good condition – this includes drains and sewers. A CCTV survey would be an extremely cost effective way of making sure their drains are in good condition and clear due to the fact that hiring a professional company to conduct a CCTV survey can aid your ISO 14001 accreditations. These services provide you with drawings and evidence about the condition of your drains and these surveys fulfil all requirements under current legislation.

Whether you’re having a survey conducted for your own home or your business, you should always be sure to hire a reputable company. Don’t choose a company with no reputation just because they’re cheap as it’s not worth it, instead get accurate results and pay a little extra. One way of checking that you’re working with a good company is to check out any past jobs that they’ve done or ask to see any customer testimonials to check on their first class service.

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