Why Should You Embed Yelp Reviews On Websites?

Yelp reviews on website

Over the past few years, many review sites have come and go but Yelp has stayed. Why? Yelp noticed that many review sites are way too spammy and full of ads. Therefore, Yelp kept it to the minimum. 

As a result, Yelp currently has a maximum of 184,000,000 reviews from consumers and businesses worldwide. The fun fact here is, Yelp is not just limited to hotels and restaurants. In fact, people rely on Yelp to find businesses. So if you have a business you should also try your hands on Yelp. 

But here’s the catch. Being active on Yelp is not enough. You have to use Yelp review marketing techniques to stay right in front of your target customers. And one of the best ways to ensure this is to embed Yelp Reviews on websites. 

We know this does not sound convincing as much. This is why we are here. In this blog we are discussing four absolute reasons why you should embed Yelp reviews on websites. So without any further ado, let’s get right into it. 

4 Smart Reasons To Embed Yelp Reviews On Website 

There are cent percent chances that you are facing throat cutting competition in your industry. And it is important you adapt to the marketing strategies to not just keep your business in the race but win it. Have a look at the reasons. 

Builds Social Proof For Your Business 

Testimonials and reviews are the finest form of social proof. Northwestern Medill has revealed that displaying reviews for higher-priced products can increase conversion rates by 380%. And this translates, that your potential customers are relying on the experiences of other people when it comes to making a purchase decision. And reviews are where they can learn that people have tried and tested the product before.The bottom line is, they want to get a glimpse of  your product even before they purchase it. 

So, when you showcase Yelp review widget on a website, you give them the privilege to virtually try to put the products in, to see if their pain points are being resolved or not. 

Boosts Conversion Rates 

Attracting customers is the second hardest task as a business owner. Retaining them still tops the list. And the harshest truth is, retention brings a hike to your conversion rate. 

Let us outline. 

The industry has now become more customer-centric. Which explains why business owners are vigorously asking for reviews and testimonials of their products. 

Commerce Shop has revealed that around 61% of shoppers state that they go through the customer reviews before making the purchase. Reviews and testimonials work as a hook on your website. So when you embed a Yelp review widget on a website, you give a chance to stop by and have a look around. A Yelp review widget on the website cuts down the decision making time of the customer. Hence, boosting the conversion rate. 

Brings You More Reviews

While digital marketing is constantly changing, there is one thing that remains constant. And that is the importance of reviews and feedback. The best part is that it is equally important for both the parties involved. Therefore, the more reviews you have, the better it is.

 Here is a quick suggestion – embed Yelp reviews on website. 

Confused? Let us paint the picture. 

When you showcase Yelp reviews by the real customers  on the website, it makes them feel valued. And noticing the privilege of getting featured on a brand website, others might also jump on the bandwagon. And that’s how you will get more reviews for your business. 

Brings You Customer Loyalty 

When businesses concentrate on happy customers, making them a part of the marketing strategies succeed more often than the ones who don’t. Review platforms are one of the mediums that enable consumers to be vocal about their experience with any particular brand in front of the world. Once you give them a good platform and encourage them to talk about your products, chances are that these customers will write more often about your brand.  

Simply put, reviews and loyal customers go hand in hand. As the loyal customers generate reviews and reviews generate loyal customers. Considering Yelp review widget as the modern day word of mouth marketing, it is one of the best ways to uplift to leave more reviews and become a loyal customer. 

In A Nutshell 

The key takeaway of all this? Yelp review matters. Like really, really matter. 

Across all the purchase decision making process we have studied, we know that the more Yelp reviews a business has, the better brand reputation it has. It helps to boost the conversion rate, acquire trust and brings you more reviews. So it’s a win-win-win situation. 

There is no denying that the marketing trends have changed and the Internet is to blame. But you need to know that the internet is the cure itself. You just have to use it right.

 But what does this mean? For starters, you have to ask for Yelp reviews by your existing customers. Once you have enough reviews, you are ready to embed Yelp reviews on the website. 

By Reina J

I’m Reina - a social media marketer that has a passion for writing and exploring new technology and innovations. My interest lies in social media platforms, tools (like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Review Widget and etc.), and digital marketing hubs.