Why Steel Is Used In Solar Panels

The world of energy-generation has always been on the lookout for newer and more renewable sources of energy. For the ones that we have found, there are plenty of people who are trying to make our energy-generating processes more powerful and efficient. The idea is to constantly innovate until we reach a point where there is no way forward within the known dregs of science. The Sun is one of the biggest sources of energy on the planet and over time, humans have begun to fine-tune the technology that gathers energy from this source.

It is definitely more generous than other forms of energy, both in terms of quantity and intensity. Using stainless steels in various formats allows us to harness this energy in a better way, thereby increasing the efficiency of our energy source as compared to what we already know.

Hot Water

Amongst major utility costs around our homes, electricity is one of the biggest bills that we have to bear and, to a large extent, it is also the one utility that solar energy can replace quite easily. Hot water is less dense than cold water and, as a result, will always rise above it. Using a Thermo-siphon system, which consists of a metal tube sling welded to a plate that is covered with glass, you can harness solar power better to get better results.

The plate is mostly responsible for collecting the heat while the glass turns the entire thing into a greenhouse-type situation. The heated air is trapped and the cold water flows into the metallic tube thanks to the natural pump-like effect that comes from its sinking effect. Stainless steel plates are perfect for both the metal plate that absorbs and collects all the heat as well as for the pipes that transfer water to and from the main tank.

The immunity to corrosion and breaking (or cracks) makes other metals and alloys more vulnerable to damage and lower the life span of your water heating system. It can also go on to affect the quality of the water that you get out of it.

Framing Panels

Solar panels need strong and sturdy frames that can hold them in the right angles in all weather, temperature and humidity conditions. You don’t want to keep climbing up to the roof to get the entire thing fixed every few months. Despite being denser than other materials used for frames, stainless steel is quite popular due to its higher strength and greater resistance to structural change.

The strength of stainless steel allows you to install thinner frames than you normally wood, which is a massive benefit from the architect’s point of view. You can keep dumping snow or wind or rain onto the steel and it would not show any signs of letting up. Stainless steel is completely corrosion-resistant, without exception, and that makes it even more likely to last the distance when it comes to the solar installation on your roof.

Solar panels can be quite expensive to install and if you have taken the decision to go greener, then you will need to spend a bit of money when it comes to putting these panels in place. Such installations aren’t done every two months simply because of the kind of effort involved in it. As a result, you want it to go in perfectly from the first instant, and use stainless steel panels or frames wherever the need be. The amount of money and effort you put in to get stainless steel into your solar equipment, the fewer headaches you will have later on, when the system start working.

Richard Harper – author

When Richard gets hold of a stainless steel sheet from Midway Metals, he can use his skill and magic to turn it into something truly unbelievable! His work with this material has almost turned into an obsession, one that he cannot help but sell to his clients. He insists on helping them lower their costs of redecoration or construction by including stainless steel into the scene. A fantastic designer and a brilliant architect, Richard is slowly turning this material into his domain.