Why The 510-T Tank Kit Is Best For Vaping On The Go

Before the smoking ban came into force, you could smoke anywhere you wanted to pretty much. But now smokers have to plan when their last fag will be before getting on that train or boarding the flight or before sitting down in a restaurant. It’s the same situation with vapers too to a certain extent. Some of the electronic cigarette devices can be quite bulky which makes it difficult to carry them about with you when are commuting or travelling and, to be honest, some are just ugly and it is embarrassing to pull them out in public!

However, with the 510 T-Tank Kit this no longer has to be a problem as it is lightweight, small and slim plus it looks smart and sophisticated so that you will not be ashamed to use it in public! Because it is so small and compact, it can easily be slipped into a bag or pocket when you step on to the train in the morning where it will sit safely. In fact you can use it on the train as well due to the fact that e-cigs produce water vapour instead of smoke as there is no tobacco burning making them legal to be used in public. The 510-T Tank also bears some resemblance, particularly in shape, to a real, analogue cigarette so that vapers may feel less self-conscious when using it as it may not be obvious at first that it is an electronic cigarette.

When the 510-T Tank Kit is bought it contains everything, apart from the e-liquid, that you would need to get you started with vaping which is perfect for newbies but more experienced vapers as well. Included in the kit is two 190mAh batteries, a 510 atomiser, 5 cartridges, 1 USB charger as well as user guide so you can’t go wrong! As it has a 510 connection, this device is compatible with many other popular electronic cigarettes devices and accessories making it convenient and ultimately saving money in the long run. Also, the fact that it comes with a USB charger also makes it a more convenient device for travelling with as it can be charged using anything that has a USB port including computers and laptops. This means that you can charge it at work to if you go abroad you don’t need to worry about the plug not fitting!

It is important that you use a travel-friendly device such as the 510-T tank Kit as many ex-smokers like to have their nicotine fix at hand at all times of the day so that they are not tempted to not revert back to tobacco products.

Katie writes on behalf of ecigwizard.com, a stockist of the 510-T Tank Kit.