Why Travelers Are Flocking To Vietnam

Once a war-torn zone, Vietnam is a featured travel destination today. The country not only boosts one’s spirits but its many interesting sites cause tourists to revisit the country when they have more time. If you want to plan an interesting and unique vacation, you should include Vietnam on your travel itinerary.

A Hidden Travel Gem:

In fact, Vietnam is considered one of those hidden travel gems. You need to go and see why it is classified this way. For example, Da Lat is one of those places that is too beautiful to miss. When you visit the location, you will be greeted by French-designed villas sitting next to a forest of pine. While you will feel like you are in Europe, visiting the local market will tell you otherwise.

Another place that underscores the beauty of the country is the Keo pagoda in the Thai Binh province. The serenity of the religious place amidst a green and lush landscape of paddy farms will take you to another place in time. Whether you visit a must-see attraction or an off-the beaten-path type of site, you will be amazed at the discovery.

The Vietnamese People:

Therefore, choosing an itinerary from the Vietnam trips that are available online is one decision you will not regret. Vietnam is also home to friendly people. Everywhere you go in the country, you will be greeted with the smiles of the locals. For example, people from Hue are known for their elegant and caring attitude while the people from Hoi An are known for their truthfulness. The farmers in the Mekong delta will also welcome you with the utmost respect.

An Affordable Trip:

The country is also a popular destination for budget travelers. While travel prices continue to climb, they are still much more affordable in Vietnam. For instance, a five-star resort in Da Nang costs the equivalent of what you would pay for a three-star hotel in New York. Plus, the vendor foods are considered among the best worldwide. Even when you travel in large metro areas such as Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, you can make it on $15.00 per day.

Do You Like Coffee?

While you won’t find a Starbucks in Vietnam, you will find French drip coffee on practically every street of Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. Therefore, coffee drinkers love Vietnam where they can savor a cup of the black brew (ca phe den), or coffee with ice and milk (cap he sua de) at their leisure.

Vietnam, as noted, has some of the best off-the-beaten-path experiences anywhere in the world. For example, you can sand-surf in Mui Ne or take photographs of the rising sun in Hoi An. Indeed, visiting the country provides a unique travel experience.

If you like excellent cuisine as well, you will want to sample the foods prepared by the Vietnamese. You will never find a place whose foods are more authentic. The selections also vary by the region. For example, near the shores of Da Nang you can buy plenty in the way of fresh seafood that is caught in the morning and served at your table at night.

So, if you are in a quandary as to where to go on vacation, consider a Vietnam vacation. Not only is it a great choice, it also is a wonderful way to escape.

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