Why We Should Consider Buying Affordable, Simple Cars?

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There are a number of reasons related with choices of cars, such as model, make and prices. Cars have become part of our cultures; they can bring back fond memories of spending Friday nights cruising on the streets. We also often went to drive-ins with our date resting her head on our shoulders.

But although many car owners are already too young to experience the era, they are nevertheless influenced by car-related culture and appreciate good things about it. Having good car is a rewarding experience that makes it nice to be part of a group.

Older generation have love for cars like Volkswagen Beetles and Mustang. They went on many outings and cruises with such models. Fan clubs also hold their events annually. There are still millions of old, simple cars on roads today. Many of these cars are defined for their simplicity, which is lacking in modern car models.

There’s no question that side-impact crumple zones and airbags have saved lives and prevent serious injuries, but they won’t make a car feels stylish and wonderful. Those days, even basic features like air conditioning were still a luxury.

Today, power locks and windows already become an industry norm and people have evolved into a rather lazy community, who are unwilling to even push in a lock and roll a window down. Power windows could fail and they may require a few hundred dollars to repair. Some cars are even equipped with power seats that have 8-way adjustments.

This may not be necessary for many people because simple hand-operated levers could already work well for a fraction of the original cost. Also, we could wear a coat instead of choosing cars with heated seats.

Cruise control becomes a standard feature on many cars and it helps to travel conveniently on desolate stretches of Interstate. But unfortunately, they don’t work well in heavy traffic, which goes worse with each passing day. Now, we need to hit the “Cancel” button much too often, because we are lucky to even maintain 50mph steadily for a few miles.

Satellite navigation is one of the most pretentious features we have on cars. Highway signs are readily available to provide us with a sense direction, while cheap compass on the dashboard and even the sun could tell us which one is west or east. We could even go to a gas station and ask the attendant about direction while filling the tank. Technology has caused to communicate less often with people in real life.

Chances are, we could always go to the right direction without relying on multi-billion dollar satellites located hundreds of miles above our head.

Despite the presence of many options in the market, we should still include no-frill cars in our list. Many drivers today become much too accustomed with technology and they can’t imagine driving a car that lacks modern features. But this is also the reason why modern cars could cost ten times of much simpler models.

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