Why Weight Training is Useful for Swimmers?

Swimmers should know how to properly perform weight training sessions. Competitive swimming requires significant degree of preparation and it is not only about swimming. When we are planning to swim, we should make sure that our body is able to swim properly. Without proper preparation, it is likely that opponents will beat us. Even without opponents, swimming itself represents a challenge. Water is a liquid medium and provides more resistance than air. It means that trying to swim quickly is quite challenging. When swimming, we require different motions, such as kicking, pushing and pulling. These motions are needed to proper ourselves forward. We should have excellent physical condition to deal with the significant resistance exerted by water. It means that weight training could actually make us better swimmer. However, we should know things that can be defined as better. Even so, with good physical condition, it should be able for us to swim faster. Even if weight training only makes us a split second faster, it is still important for us take advantage of different opportunities. It is important that we should always try to get better.

By having excellent physical performance, it is more likely that we are able to cope with overall fatigue. It means that we will be able to compete better. Swimmers need to develop proper anaerobic performance, which means “without oxygen”. During normal operations, our muscles require enough oxygen to perform properly. We won’t be able to move if we run out of oxygen. So, it is important that we are able to perform properly, although it doesn’t require oxygen. An excellent way to improve our anaerobic performance is by optimizing weight training sessions. If we are able to stick to the usual weight training program, we will be able to perform really well. In this case, we should know about our actual goal. As an example, people who want to have visual appearance of body builders don’t necessarily have the right physical condition for maximum swimming performance. In this case, we should be disciplined enough that we have proper physical condition for maximum swimming performance. Swimmers also need to have adequate recovery and they need to follow the best routine. We should know how to perform circuit training, so we will be able to perform well.

At first, we may need to use lighter weights to improve our performance. There should also be enough rest between exercise sets, such as 30 minutes. We should know that physical training doesn’t always deliver direct results. It may take a couple months or more to allow us gain the necessary performance to gain something. It is important that our training can really allow us to get the best results.  We should know what is defined as good exercises. As an example, overhead pulley system can really be useful for us to improve specific muscles in our body. Shoulders will need to be properly strengthened, so we can do many things really well in the pool.