Why Would you Require Pest Control?

Pests such as insects, mice and raccoons are common in most homes. They need to be removed before they become a permanent problem and I believe Utah pest control offers the perfect solution in this regard. People use different methods to remove different kinds of pests. In this article, we will explore some of the methods.

Before we go to the methods, you must realize that every home is different. You may need to add or subtract things from these methods to properly control pests. You can always hire an exterminator, but some pests tend to return. To avoid paying an exterminator again, you must know how to control pests yourself.

The first step is to identify the pest (Insects, rodents and raccoons are the classification of these pests ) and the intensity of the attack. Once you have identified, you can use these methods based accordingly.

How to remove insects

  • Ants can be removed by a mixture of borax and sugar. You will need to make your own mixture and sprinkle it on the foundation of your house. Don’t forget to cover all entry points including any small hole or entry ways in walls.
  • Use the same mixture to cover kitchen cabinets and bathroom drains to eliminate cockroaches. Make sure to keep your pets and children away from the places where you sprinkled the mixture.
  • Hair spray works as good as insect spray for hornets, bees and wasps. Insect sprays are still highly recommended for exterminating these pests.
  • To get rid of fleas, use a vacuum on rugs and carpets. Use an insect spray on them after vacuuming and dispose any dust bags that are in your home.
  • Remove any water containers like barrels or bird baths to reduce mosquitoes around your area.
  • Carpenter ants love damp wood. To get rid of them, remove or replace any damp wood in your home and check for any water pipe leaks.
  • Remove termites using insect spray. You can identify termites by taking a close look at holes in the wall or burrow tunnels. Termites usually eat only soft wood so they can be distinguished easily.
  • All these methods should be used at the same time in apartment buildings as most of these pests return. To delay or completely stop them from returning, you must eliminate them once entirely from the whole building.

Rodents and Raccoons

  • Mice love peanut butter and raw bacon, so both can be used to build traps. Place them on a mouse trap and fasten them with the trigger. This will make the mouse tug the food to remove it which will trigger the trap.
  • Use mustard oil or other chemical repellants to remove raccoons from attics or basements. After the raccoon leaves, cover its entry to make sure it can’t ever come back again.
  • To keep raccoons out of your home, cover all narrow entry points of your house and place poison inside cracks and holes.